December 3, 2008

things kids do

Last night is a classic example of funny things kids do!

Right before dinner our three year old told me he was “tired”, so I told him to sit and eat dinner and then we will go to bed, this was at 6:00pm.

Dinner came and went, as did the fight over an after dinner treat! But he did well and ate his green beans and most of the meat balls. Hey if he would eat just one bean we would do the happy dance.

Troy and I did the typical clean up etc, while the boys continued to watch the movie they had started. We were in the kitchen for about 15 minutes, and we came in to find our almost 7 year old sitting peacefully watching the movie. But where was the little guy? I looked around, figured he was upstairs or in the bathroom causing havoc!

But as we both came back into the living room, there was this little bundle of blanket on the couch. So we both thought - LOL he is hiding on us, he he...right?
Nope this little guy had covered himself in a blanket and fallen asleep, rubber boots and all!

Needless to say he was up at 3 am! And so was I!


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