December 14, 2008

Naughty or Nice

Alright, we all have heard Santa ask "so little boy/girl have you been naughty or nice this year?"...well we really got our almost 7 year old this year...and got him GOOD! I will start about a week ago to set the stage for one of the funniest moments this week.

So a week ago Saturday, in the AM, Troy and I were cleaning up our normally messy, but good, Saturday AM breakfast. He is standing at the sink and I am next to him cleaning the counters off. The boys are playing well up stairs, or so we thought... With in seconds we hear thud, thud, scream and cry. We both look over and Dylan is falling down the wooden unpadded stairs. Feet over head over feet. Troy ran to the bottom of the stairs and I was right behind him. We scooped him up and brought him to the couch to calm him down and make sure he was fine.

After a couple of minutes, he seems ok, his crying has died down a bit, and we both come down off the adrenaline rush we just went through. So we watched him all say Saturday and he was just fine. THANK GOD!

Now fast forward to Friday night, we are all at Troy's work holiday party. The boys have already sugared up, gotten balloon animals etc. and are now waiting for a quick photo op with Santa's helper! Now unknown to us, Santa's helper knows about the "stair" incident, and is prepared to use it in good faith that it might get the point across to Trevor, that Santa IS watching All. So we wait and wait and finally it is the boys turn to tell Santa's helper what they want for Christmas. They go and sit next to Santa's helper, and he asks the faithful question to Trevor "Have you been naughty or nice this year?", Trevor replies with, "I have been good"!

"oh Really?" asks Santa's helper "that is NOT what I heard".

Trevor looked at him and said "What?"

"I heard about you pushing your brother down the stairs last week"

Well let me tell you that Trevor almost lost it, the look on his face was priceless, he could not believe what he just heard. Talk about a great way to get a kid who is right on the borderline of believing in Santa and all the great things he brings.

Santa proceeded to tell Trevor to watch out cause Santa sees everything.
The next day Troy tells me about this, I did not hear the conversation between Trevor and Santa, just know it is a lengthy one, so I upload the photos and ask Trevor to come look at the photos. As we do I ask him questions about the cool photos, and then we come to the one above...So we ask what is was going in this one, knowing exactly what was said. And Trevor could not remember what was said or why he was making that face. Which we both know that is not the truth, he just does not want to tell us.
In all it made for a great memory for years to come, and one to share with his children when are are older.

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