August 30, 2009

Seems simple right?

This Sunday has been a day of challenges for me and for our family. Not physical challenges but emotional challenges. It might seem like it to all in the house, but they are there and they are present in the daily routine and functions of our household. Simple things like the chores, or even making breakfast are fast becoming harder and harder to complete without a fight from someone. No names or ages will be shared, but many in the house are failing to do even some of the simplest chores to help our house stay a home. I do not recall fighting as much as a child, as I seem to be getting from the boys.

When I was a child, there was a silent understanding that you do what you are asked to do. Sure it took me time to pick up my toys, room or even put away laundry, but I am beyond the simple dilly-dallying of a child, it is the out right defiance I can not handle.

So I ask the Lord to help me and help my husband in this challange.

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