September 7, 2008

reflections (9/7/08)

as we look back at photos, we remember times that were either fun, exciting, presious or quote unquote PERFECT. I always like taking photos of myself, at different times of day, different times in my life. Makes me remember when I was fat, thin, sad happy glad, confused and all around reflective!
In mirrors, lakes, ponds, windows and in the eyes of others, we are all reflective. We all carry a reflection with us, we might not know it but we do.
I am going to refect on the week past!
We traveled from CT to NY and back. We started 2nd grade, we started preschool, we made new friends, we visited a new church, we reconnected with old friends, we dreamed of old friends, we met up with family, we ran through the rain drops, we cried over fallen flowers and other storm damage! We prayed, laughed, cried, created, ran, walked, climbed, hid, yelled and most of all we loved!
relections allow us to see flaws, allows us to fix what we think might be wrong, but they never tell us exactly what we want because they are not perfect either!


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