August 7, 2008

ugh Rain

Ok who wakes up to rain and wants to jump out of bed and start the day? NO ~ ONE!!! I know I heard the rain drops on the window I pulled the covers up over my head. But with two little boys who are ready to meet the day with a bowl of cocco puffs nad cartoons, it was hard to stay in the warmth of my own bed.So here I sit trying to figure out what to do on this raining morning and praying that the rain does stop soon so we can get out of the house and into the fresh air.
I want to reflect on what a great evening we had, the boys played outside with a little boy from the neighborhood. There was a breeze, it was just a bit cooler than the day, and the smell of burgers cooking on the grill and just a basic summer night. My boys slept well after a night like that.
But is also makes me remember the days of my youth, where we would leave at 9 am in the am riding bikes, playing in a friends pool, and come home for lunch just to run out again and return for dinner. Catching lighting bugs in a jar, playing flashlight tag with friends, laying in the yard and trying to count stars, and in general just being a kid. It all came back to me how simple life is for kids, and How I have to allow them to enjoy all these things for themselves.
I was also excited about the very frist picked veggies from our garden. Yeasterday we pick our frist cucumber and a handfull of green beans, and we ate them with our dinner. Fresh and from our own work! It was great, and something I have NEVER expereieced before, and I am looking forward to expanding our garden next year.


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