November 2, 2007

A woman needs only one good friend..... right?

...the rest are frosting (or just bitches). I have to say that I have found two really good friends. One I can really relate to and the other one is just so kind to me. They both are from the same group and come from really different backgrounds. One is older and the other younger. One has two kids and the other just one. I seem to fall between them, in all sorts of ways.
I have shared so much with them, more than I have with anyone in years. They listen, not because they have to, but because they want to. This is something I have never experienced in my life.
Work, people listened to me because I was in their space too! When I was in College, people listened to me because they were my roommates, classmates, listening to the radio when I was on, or reading what I wrote in the school paper. And I am sure most of that was NOT by choice. High School not any different that college...I was there and so where they.
As much as I am ranting on, I truly believe that woman do not have that CLOSE relationship that they always say the DO! Women grow together and then apart. For many reasons....different views or morals, marriages or relationships die, children are born, they view child rearing differently, many move away, they grow older, different interests or all in all just have to change and move on!
After moving a few times as a child, I was the new kid and the forgotten kid. I still remember my best friends name in Michigan ~ Monique Zafarana. She and I wrote to one another over and over again, we met up one summer and went to sleep away camp too! She was my BEST FRIEND! Strong words for a fourth grader, but it was the truth. I moved again, and lost tough with her. I have searched, asked etc, but still no sign of Monique.
Sixth grade brought new place new friends etc. Arienne became my BEST Friend....she was cool, her parents were cool, her Brother WAS really cool...I hung out at her house every weekend, we went to the mall, movies, ran around in downtown Gbury everything together. We made it through high school still talking to one another, and I have to say that she WAS my best Friend. Graduation came and we went to different schools.
I will finish this, as I want to get all the facts and friends straight.


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