October 11, 2007

what not to do on a playdate

I never wrote what happened to me a week ago wednesday. The day before my wonderful hubby got me a NEW used car. A new honda odyssey, great car but much different. So I was out on a play date and that mother and I wanted to go off to the Xmas tree shope! So she got her extra car seat, put it in my car, buckled her cute almost 1 year old little boy and I put my 2.7 year old in his seat. Oh bad habbits die hard...I had placed my bag and keys on my seat. So once the boys were in I closed the slider and my friend did the same. I walked around the back of the car, and closed the hatch. OMG...I heard the CLICK ! Yeah Click.
I went up to the driver door and looke ddown at my KEYS! So I called my husband who works at a honda dealership, he was not reachable, so we called 911...Meanwhile the kids were doing ok, but mine started to take his shoes off, and play with them. He could see us outside the car and really started to get upset.
So the police, sent the fire department and one of the HOTTEST volunteer firemen we have witnesses around these parts. Those guys were trying hard to talk to my little guy, but all he would do is put his shoes on his hands and tap the belt buckle. The Fire men, they could not do much, so the AAA tow truck came and got got the kids out of the car after 30 minutes.
Lesson learned... hold onto the keys!


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