June 5, 2007

Ok so here I sit thinking of something to write about our first day online as a family. I look back at the day and all that we did today. Besides waking up early 5:35, 6:15, 6:30 for the last one 6:55, (I was the third in that group), getting out the door for work, school, libary hour, rushing home for lunch, nap, karate, dinner, episode, teeth, goodnight kisses, book and more goodnight kisses, there MUST have been more to our day.
Well there was...right before we sat and ate our dinner, we hold hands and sing "Oh, the lord's been good to me", but tonight we held hands, and Trevor says "We Say good night and we count one...oh no!" Yeah that is right the wrong thing at the wrong time.
I looked back at the week we have had and all the things we have done. I remember fondly the trip to the Fish Dairy Farm, and how in love Dylan was with the cows. How he is getting along with others better and how he is forming freindships. It is cool to see, so much has changed in the past year.


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