April 25, 2018

Wake up Wednesday... day 3

Day 3... things seem normal...but why wouldn't they? Yesterday, up with the sons, coffee and a little work out. I meant to walk the dog...but time got away from me. Now today is rainy, ugh!
Yesterday I went to talk with a local school about substituting, it went went well and we shall see.

Yesterday was a little tougher than monday in regards to missing my job. I spoke to a few folks who had questions but really did not want to bother me, I answered because I still care. I had made them my friends over the past year and I do want to keep that in place. Scouters are great people with big hearts.

So now I need to wake up and smell the Roses. I need to make a plan of action and put it into place. Wake up and make a list of things we want to accomplish and not just living hour by hour. Plan, prepare and implement those ideas.

So on top on laundry (which will never be done) I will make a list of projects and daily personal goals.
I will Wake up! And smell the clean house... now on to cleaning the microwave before 8am.

April 24, 2018

Truthful Tuesday

Truth on day 2! Might as well jump right in a be honest with myself.

I am scared!

Laying in bed my husband asked me last night, "scared of what? What's to be scared of?"

Well I am scared of change, who isn't? Really, change is hard for people, it can be scary, it can be good and it can be tough...all those thing make it difficult for me to deal with.

But I need to see it like this...
Change is going to be great!
Change is going to be a challenge! And most of all I am not alone in this process. We, as a family, have grown and changed over the past few years. Our boys have had their own challenges and my husband and I have changed jobs. All of these things are stressful and put strain on the family, but each time all four of us come out on top. This time around will be no different.

So on day two I made some changes. After my one cup of coffee I decided to do some simple exercises. I am not saying I went out and started to prep for a marathon, but I did do stretches and sit ups. Hey we all have to start somewhere to make changes.

Now onto the next change! What will it be?

Monday, Why Monday?? A New Start

Many many people have done this, so why can't we?

Do what ? You ask?

Well lots families go from two good incomes to just one. This we know and it will be a challenge, almost a game. Planning and double checking, conversations and lots of prep will have to be done weekly, but it can be done. We are excited for the challenge!

How did this happen?
How and why did we go from two incomes down to one?
Well after a great year with a great organization, I had made the choice to leave. As many of you already know, I was in love with my job, which made it a tough choice. A very hard choice but one I did for my well being and the well being of my family. I will keep volunteering and keep supporting this organization, but walking away before I started to get bitter was important to me.

I am very tough on myself and very self critical, which made the job a challenge and a passion. I was good at it and enjoyed every part of the job. Again, move on before burning out was what I needed to do at this point in my life. My health is more important right now.

So here I am writing about what we will do as a family to make the best of our lives without all the materialistic things. Day 1