June 28, 2011

Summer Reading Programs...

I have to tell you that Library Summer Reading Programs have lots to teach the school reading programs.

Since school ended last Friday, we have visited the library twice and we are going again this am.   My boys have three reading log books and have taken out over 25 books and 4 DVD's from two different libraries.  The school also sent home a reading log with a bonus free book for each child to keep.  We have never been so interested in reading, well since last summer started.

So far our 9 year old son has read three books and flipped through the pages of three other books that had topics of interest like nuclear power!  Our 6 year old has read out loud two books and loved them, he wants more in the series and we read a book about animals together.  I must say that this is a great way to get him interested in books and keeping him reading over the summer.

But the library programs are really a great way to keep them reading, because God knows listening to your mother say all the time "go read a book", does not inspire.  The fact that kids get rewarded on a weekly basis is goal enough for my boys.  So we will see if this program or two keeps the boys reading, and the lack of pushing from me might help. 

Do you know if your library does a program to keep kids reading during the summer?
If so have you signed up your children?
If not what are you waiting for?

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June 23, 2011


In our home there is very little childhood sickness....most of the year.  Our boys are fairly healthy and as I look at report cards there have been less than a handful of absent days due to being ill.  But there is something I am starting to see a pattern with, and that is our youngest son being sick right when school starts and when school ends.  This has been the same for the past three years, and he seems to be playing by the same rules again this year. 

Just three days out of school and he is running a fever that I can not control, vomited, and seems to have conjunctivitis that went away for 12 hours and is now back! WTH?  Why does this little guy seems to catch things at the start and end of the school year?  And why is it always vomit?  Ugh, summer is supposed to be fun and a time to play and run around, go places and hang out with friends....ugh!  I guess I am being a selfish mommy, but this is not how I invisioned our first week off from school. 

I feel bad for the little guy who ha not seemed to get off the couch since tuesday afternoon, after a great playdate with a friend.  He has not eatten very well, or been able to truely taste things that he normally loves to eat.  It has been a bummer for him and for his brother too!  Beyond the two library trips and four doctor appointments (four different drs for different people in the house), we have done very little.  Plus the rain has not helped us either.

So to this I say let the sickness end and the summer begin....again, PLEASE!!!!!

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Child Quote of the day...

Me "hey Trevor can I tell you that you're adorable?"
 Trevor 9 year old "No I'm good!"


June 22, 2011

School is out....now what?

So last friday closed out the school year with a bang of a week, from an awards assembly, kindergarten reading graduation party, two field days, pizza lunch in the classroom, all ending with a last day pick up at school.  It was a busy but fun week, and I was glad I could share most of it with the kids and their classmates.  Now the two weeks prior held a chorus concert, drama production and a field trip to Mystic Aqurium with a group of Kindergarteners.  I had also been subbing in the school so much I was starting feel like I lived there, and I loved seeing the kids everyday in school.  But I must say I am glad the school year is over and we can enjoy being children (ok I can watch them being children).

Each week

June 14, 2011

Children's Quote's of the Day'sā€Ž

ā€Ž9yo Boy :  "mom with all this turkey we're eatting, there wont be any left for everyone else...soon there wont be turkey left for thanksgiving! !"