November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks again this year!

As the day comes to an end I have not forgotten what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Here is the question! 

Should I make a list?  Or should I write it all out? 

Another question is ~ Does anyone even care about this blog enough to read this entry?  So I am doing this for me and so others can read about what I care about, so I will make a list of the things I am THANKFUL for this Thanksgiving.


1. Our Lord and Savior! - (Without Him nothing below would ever be)

2. My Family - (all parts from my parents, husband, children and all others extended!)

3. For my Health be it on again /off again (simple colds, are nothing beyond normal)

4. Our Country - (we are still living in a country where you can speak freely and practice religion freely)

5. Employment - (of both my spouse and self)

6. Friends (be them new or old, close or far they are still precious to me)

7. Mistakes (for without them I would be perfect and NOBODY IS PERFECT)

8. Second Chances (because without them I would not be where I am)

9. Love - Because without it life would be worthless  

10. Creativity - I would be lost and boring if I did not have this in my heart!

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MPs to submit draft abortion law; Poll shows 60% shocked about foetuses found at temple

BANGKOK, Nov 21 -- A member of Thailand's ruling Democrat Party said Sunday that he and members of the House of Representatives will submit a draft law on legal abortion after 2,002 foetuses were found in a Buddhist temple’s morgue in Bangkok last week.

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November 18, 2010

Stressing out MOM....

Yeah - we as mothers stress out!  We see the world though the eyes of a planner.  A daily planner of each child and each person in the household.  We look at things as if we are trying to figure out how it will fit on the calendar, how much time will it take to get there, stay and return, and what else could I / we be doing at the same time.  Then it is a matter of whether or not the new item on the planner is really needed or if we can put it off for a week, or pass on it completely.

Yesterday I had to make the choice on when to schedule a doctors appointment for the 8 year old based on the actions of the 5 year old during the current appointment.  So now in my head I have to rearrange my day, to accommodate the 8 year old (who did nothing wrong) and so the 5 year old could stay at school, during the appointment!  UGH

I thought my personal handheld daily planner (crackberry) would be helping me with thing, but I can not seem to find a program on my crackberry that works for my work schedule, home (2 kids and Hubby as well) along with reminders and well anything else I would like it to do for me.  Anyone know of a program?
While on FB the other day one gal wrote how she would like to have Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons in her home, but I am sure even Rosies Robot head would spin with the amount of technology that we are all encountering these day. 

As a mom, wife and holder of a more than part-time position (in two different locations) i have tried the paper planner (lost it more than once), I have tried sticky notes, my phone planner, an online planner I could access from any computer and my phone, the wall calendar, so much more....nothing works!

For now I will stick with the crackberry (unless someone has a better planner) and the use of my own mind, which at this point is failing me more and more each day.  I already lost the piece of paper with the appointment date and time for my sons next Dr. visit, so I guess I will have to call them in the morning and wait three days for a call back!

Oh the joys of parenting.

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November 16, 2010

Looking forward

As of this morning I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and to all the amazing things that will arrive before the first of the year. As a mom I am looking forward to some fun decorating time with our boys.

I am a big crafter and they still have not out grown the idea that crafts are fun, and till they do I will continue to come up with idea.  Either last year or the one before that we made these great place mats, one for everyone who would be at Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a big undertaking, but the boys loved doing it.

I am not sure what we will do this year, maybe napkin rings, place cards, a few centerpieces. Who knows, but when I do I will share. But before that, I am interested in writing down our traditions so each boy can reflect when he has a family. Writing down what foods are unique to our feast, prayers we say, who attends, who had attended before passing away. Who's house did we celebrate at, and where we would visit during the holidays.

These are important memories to write down, keep so other members of our family can see how or even if things changed from now to many years from how.

So over the next few months I will try and highlight many of our traditions and would love to hear from you about your family routines!
~ jennifer

November 15, 2010

Monday WHY MONDAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girls Scouts and Planned Parenthood?

The article below comes from the following:

Volume 13, Number 14

March 18, 2010

Girl Scouts Ties with Planned Parenthood Extensive and Long-Standing
By Terrence McKeegan, J.D.

(NEW YORK – C-FAM) The scandal surrounding the Girl Scout’s distribution of an International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) sex guide at the UN Beijing +15 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) continues to grow. Some Scout mothers in St. Louis intend to ask the St. Louis Girl Scouts to pull out of the national organization.


What I think:

I know that I will not buy another box of girl scout cookies and this comes from a woman who was a Girl Scout since 1st Grade through High School, hold the Highest Honor The Gold Award, was a leader and still is a Lifetime Member.  I am saddened by the idea that Girl Scouts would allow any organization to talk to and influence the girls in any way.  This is NOT the job of this Non-Profit, it is the job or the parent to talk to their children about Sex, their bodies and what rights they have with their bodies! 

I know my 6 boxes every year will not effect the Girl Scouts, but if more people make a pledge to not buy or support Girl Scout Someone up in those Corporate Offices, might listen!  Maybe!

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November 9, 2010

The Truth about giving to one organization .... Truthful tuesday

As of late - I have seen an increased number of people looking  into the organizations that they give to financially.  Looking into where their funds are really being spent, and researching where the funds are also being sent.  You as a donor would love to think that your dollars are being spent directly on what you have given to IE. Feeding the Hungry in Cuba, and not being spent on abortions in NYC.

Well the United Way, American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, March of Dimes, American Diabetes Association (and I am sure many more) are moving their funds to other organizations through donations.  This means...write a check to them and you are writing a check to another organization that you do no or did not want to support like Planned Parenthood.

If you are Pro Life I have a suggestion that you look into where your money is going before you donate.  And you are very concerned in where your money is going, write to the organization and restrict the funds, because I f you DO not restrict the funds they can and will be spent in anyway that the organization wants them to.  Be aware that the UNITED WAY also gives away funds to other organizations, unless you ask for them to go directly to one charity.  The United way can give to Girl Scouts, Planned Parenthood or to local hospitals who do or refer for abortions, UNLESS YOU SAY OTHERWISE. 

Be a good steward of the Lords gift to you, because it is NOT our money, it is a gift from the Lord so please do service to Him and His Gifts.
I am a director of Development for a Local Non-Profit Pro Life organization that is faith based and affiliated with a national Pro Life Organization.  We are not supported by one faith alone, and we do not and will not except funding from any government organization.  We also do not send our funds to other organizations.  We do however allow restricted funds and are good stewards for the funds that are given to our organization.  If you would like more information please contact me.

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November 8, 2010

Pro Lifer

To me it seems strange to label those who believe in the sanctity of human life or those who are followers of Christs teachings.  As a Christian is there any other way that the Lord wants us to live? NO! He wants us to preserve and protect all life from start (conception) to end (natural death)!

As a Christian we are taught to think there is no other way to view human life, but society tells us otherwise. Society tells us that it is unnatural to NOT have a choice to take the life of a unborn child just formed in the womb.  Many make the call that it is not yet LIFE, but science say otherwise. Science tells us that when two cells join they create life! Right?

So back to what society has been telling us about the start and end of life! Society tells us that it is natural to have choice and to make choices based on facts.  Yet those who are all about choice are not telling every one the "facts" about LIFE!  They are starting protests with out all the Facts about us PROLIFERS!

All I care about (as a PROLIFER) is that babies are born, and that women and the men in their lives are given the most up to date information about their lives and the life of their unborn child.  I love seeing babies come into my place of employment and the joy that that they bring to the mommies!  I care about the truth about the choices a woman can make when it come to abortions.   So as a Christian woman I care about being a ProLifer because this is what the LORD has called us all to be, especially if we call our selves his children.

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