October 24, 2010

ACT - Being called to act

Today I was invited through work to be a part of a ministry fair at a church that considers my work one of their many missions.  Which it can claim us as a mission to go to and serve the Lord and to serve His people, through us.  What a gift I was given to be able to attend this church and to be able to attend while my husband so kindly stayed at home with our boys, whom I was planning on having them attend with me.  But in all it was a great day filled with energy and education on missions both in our community and in our world.

Though my church I had learned about Care Net and therefore started to volunteer there once or twice a week, with my 3.5 year old in tow.  We loved serving the Lord in such a simple way (for us) but to others it would have been a stretch to volunteer four plus hours a week, especially with a little one with you the whole time.  But we did and I am glad I did because almost two years later I am working for an amazing mission and I am able to share with others what the Lord is asking us to do, SPREAD THE GOSPEL to those who do not have Him in their lives,and to help save the unborn in that process.

Today's Missions Fair was great and the sermon was as well.  Pastor Mike Moran, drove it home with humor and examples of how we can ask God to lead us where He wants us to go.  Be in locally or globally, there is a calling for us all, and that hit home with me, I was there almost two years ago hearing the same thing.  I hope today, the Lord called more to come and help at our two centers, and I pray that the Lord opened the eyes of those who already know us, and that they call us and ask how they can help.  I await the day where people are knocking down our doors to help, break down the walls and excuses and join our ministry / mission as we try and save unborn babies!

Care to join me!? 

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October 13, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday

We did so much this past weekend, and made much progress around the house.
Started by making Pizza Friday night and watching a kids flick.  after that we watched Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp and I have to say that it was well over rated, infact I do not think I will let me kids ever watch it!

Saturday we took out the airconditioners, screens, picked up a ton of pellets, and then put them away.
We cleaned up the yard, and all the recycling, and through it all the boys were great!  Which is rare in it's self.
We went for a hike, had ice cream, visited UConn Cornucopia Fest, cleaned up my craft room, and found a beautiful room was hiding under all the crap.  By Tuesday am the room was amazing and clean, after filling a recycling bin the size of a small car, and same with a garbage can, we made some progress.

But after a four day weekend home with the family, I think I am done.

Being sick does not help either.  I am spent!  I have been sick for three weeks now and finally I have a somewhat answer from the doctor, Pneumonia! Really?
So here I am still working and still up and about, but most people ask why?  or say "Go home and rest!" Ha! I say HA to them in their faces, because when can a mother of two boys, with a job, REST? WHEN?
Never!  Even though my husband is great, there is little time to truly rest!

So to them I say I will rest when the Lord asks me to rest, and until then, I will get the work of the day done.

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October 9, 2010


This morning was a blessing!
I was not woken up by a little boy or an alarm clock of another, I was woken up by the heavy sounds of dishes being put away by our 8year old.
Don't get me wrong this might seem like a weird thing to wake you, but our bed room is still on the first floor ad next to the kitchen, so kitchen noise is normal for us.
But what is not normal is the sound of doing chores without the sounds of fighting. This is very abnormal! There is normally fighting and drama when it comes to doing a simple chore,but not this am! Wow!
I guess I'll have to take tips from my husband on getting the boys to do chores! So I started my weekend off right, let's see how the rest can go from here!

October 8, 2010

Focused on Friday - Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived and with it I have started my annual need to bake and cook warm comfort food.  Last night was no different.  I made a nice apple, onion and maple baked pork tenderloin.  WOW was it yummy. Even the boys did not add honey mustard to it!  Amazing in it's self.

But with fall comes all the ugh work.  The work that makes us say UGH when we talk about having to do it.  From yard work, toy clean up and picking up leaves to putting the air conditioners away and breaking out the heaters.  It is a whole weekend worth of chore and all the UGH work that come along with it.

As I mentioned I love fall, I love sweaters, and hiking boots, tall socks and hoodies.  I love the crunch of the leaves on the ground and I love the smell of a nice meal cooking in the oven.  Warm days and cool nights, sitting by the fire and enjoying the falling leaves.  There are just So many things make us love the fall as much as we love the change of most of the seasons.  Not everyone LOVES the arrival of Fall as much as I do, but I know there are plenty of folks who can not wait to go out for a nice hike this weekend in New England, and I am hoping we are one of the many families outside this weekend.

What do you like about fall?

If Fall is not you favorite season which one is and why?

More to come......as we adventure into the Northeastern part of CT this weekend.

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