September 23, 2010

Friends and the Fall - Thinking Thursday

Well more time has past and I am writing again!
Be it just for today or for more days to come! Who knows?
School started!
Kids schedules are filling up and events for work got crazy!
Dare I say that the fall and winter holidays are right around the corner? Ugh yeah I went there.

The house here is all decorated for Halloween, pumpkins gourds, gooles and ghosts, that's all on the inside.

I have yet to decorate the outside (which is one of my favorite thing to do) but I am waiting on a friend! She and I are planning a trip to the farm to pick out pumpkins & mums with the kids, then have a whole harvest fest with our two families.
From carving and sweets to simmering cider and seasonal beer, we are planning on some fun! I can not wait! But in the mean time I have to work on homework with 4th grader, clean house, sort clothes, plan the holidays and all the events that come with them, then pretty much work and maintain a home.

But as the boys get older it seems harder to do the juggling act. Can anyone tell me if there is a tie when it gets better? Is there an end point to the craziness with kids?
If so feel free to email me! If not I guess I will iron out all the pieces and figure out what works best for my family!
For now I am looking forward to time spent with friends, who have become like family!

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