June 30, 2010

Wednesday - Wake up Wednesday - Photo Blog

Here is a link to my photo blog - monday I posted about making crayons by using old bits and peices.
This is a great project to do with the kids and then they get to use the "new" crayons later!


Step 1: save bits and peices of broken crayons
Step 2: remove paper wrappers
Step 3: Prepare a sauce pan of water shallow enough to put a glass container with opening bigger than the bottom (i used pyrex cups)
Step 4: have child place many different peices in the bottom of the glass
Step 5: boil water and place the glass container in the pan, makeing sure water does not go over the sides
Step 6: wait for wax to melt and remove the glass from the pan, and place on counter for 5 minutes till cool enough to touch
Step 7: Place in fridge for 15 minutes
Step 8: once cooled place towel on counter, tap glass bottom up until wax comes out of container
Step 9: Color on paper!!!!

If you do not want to boil water, an old ice cube tray works well in the mircowave but take a bit more time and at 45 sec intervals.

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June 28, 2010

Truthful Tuesday ~ Children....

Truthful Tuesday ~ Children....and the things they say!
If you are a parent you have been there! 
You know the times when you are standing at the bank teller line and your child says something like "how come we cant get a person who speaks english clearly?"

Or standing in line at wallyworld and they say "wow see how fat that person is mom?" 
We as parents die each time we hear these innocent words come out our childrens mouths.  But how do you deal with or teach your child the proper thing to say? 
How do you teach a child to tame their tounge? 

Children are so honest and so innocent that sometimes it is hard not to laugh or die of embrassment. Their simple thoughts are awesome, yet we as parents try to tame them.  We try and teach them when it is ok to say what is on their minds and when we bite our tounges.

Monday, Why MONDAY? New Start

I think I like to ask myself this question each week! 
I like to see what I can come up with in my head.
Monday, Why Monday?

Monday is a great start and also a dreaded start to the week.
We all are slower on monday mornings, even without having to rush the kids off to school or self off to work. Mondays are here to remind us what the weekends offered us and how much fun we had over the weekend past.  Mondays are days to start a new week and offer so much for the week ahead. Mondays are always fowned upon and labeled as the worset day of the week.

But todays Monday, I want to write about starting a new life.
Not my own, but that of a young couple from our church who just got married yesterday.
Reading all the post from friends on facebook, you could see how loved they are as a couple and how much in Love they are with eachother!  They are starting the next step of their lives today.  Waking up as a married couple!  How cool is that?

What a feeling to start off on a monday morning, headed to the airport as a married couple! Going on vacation for the first time together.  So many firsts in their lives will come over the next few years and I am excited for them as they start their new life together.

Over the next few months two more young couples from our church home will be getting married, and I feel the same excitement for each of them.  Young beautiful Christian couples starting their lives together, it is an amazing sight.  Oh to be young and waking up on a monday morning married and so in Love, it is a wonderful thing.

BTW Congrats Ashley and Nate! May God Continue to Bless you in the years ahead!

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June 24, 2010

Focus on Friday - One week down!

One full week of summer vacation down and we have survived so far.  But I remind myself to stay focused on the Prize!  Prize of a great summer with the Boys!  Things took a turn this week but at the same time they were great!  This week we did the following:
Friday = Friends house for swimming and BBQ
Saturday = Vomit and Fever

Sunday = Fathers Day Breakfat at VFW, start setting up second pool of the year, more fever

Monday = Beach day and time with school friends, library time mommy and 5yo

Tuesday =Time with Mommy again because the sitter did not show!

Wednesday = Time with their grandmother Picnic, library and pool time

Thursday = Pool time and a trip to store, little bit of learning how to use chopsticks!

Back to friday!  Who know what we will do this week! 
All I know is that we are going to make the best of the summer and have as much fun as we can all while being FOCUSED!

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Thinking Thursday - two years ago vs today

This morning I was thinking of what to write and thinking of what has happened this past week, then thinking how I might have responded to this had it happened to us two years ago!

(read story of what happened here first http://robertsrockfarm.blogspot.com/2010/06/wake-up-wednesday-drama.html)

Here is how I look at one vs the other:
Yesterday I prayed that the ex-sitter would be able to see what went wrong and fix issues in her life!
Two years ago I would have wanted to hunt her down and yell at her, among other things.

Yesterday I was completly over joyed that my mother in law was able to step in and take care of the boys for the summer.
Two years ago I would have never even thought about her as being an option, because I would be to worried about what she thought of our home.

Yesterday I went to work and was able to focus on the work and not the issue past.
Two years ago I would still be dwelling on this, and would not be able to get my work done.

Yesterday I moved on.
Two years ago I would not be able to say the same thing...

So what makes it so different?  I have learned to let it go! Let things drop. Walk away from it and hope for a new day to arrive and start over.  This issue with the sitter is little in the whole bucket of life.  I have done this with all issues in my life? Nope, because I am not perfect.  But this issue was something I was not about to let get to me. 
Do I have to work on other issues? YES!  Will I ? Only God and I know for sure.  I have started to try and work on other issues that should just be let go, and others need more work then that.

So today I was thinking....this issue is small compared to all the other things going on in my life.  We have moved on and the boys had a great day with their Grammy.

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June 23, 2010


I had jumped the gun this summer to hire a sitter to watch the boys three days a week.  I was ahead of the game! We interviewed, We had a few come over a watch them while we went out, and in all we thought we pretty much made the right choice. 

Mary, was our pick.  A young college student who lived locally. 
I was all set and ready for her to come over today.  I got up early, did the dishes, made the bed, picked up all the toys and was ready for work at 8am.  Mary was scheduled to arrive at 9 am as we confirmed on thursday night when she was over our house. 

I should have seen it then.  Thursday afternoon Mary calls at 3:45 saying she was leaving in a 1/2 hour and will be to our house at 5, from a city that was over 45 minutes away!  So 5 pm arrived and she did not, she was 22 minutes late!  There for I was late to work!  Ok once I can forgive and not say anything.....

But today totally different, today 9 am arrived and she did not!
9:15 arrived and she did not - nor did a phone call!
9:30 arrived and nothing from her!
I called work and called out for the day stressing out about what I was going to do for the rest of the summer! B R E A T H!!!!!!!!

I called my mother in law who was and is more than willing to watch the boys till they sell their home!  This is a great thing for us both! We both are getting something out of this and the boys are as well.

Did God have a plan? I think so!

11:30 rolls around and I get a call from Mary the sitter!  Pretty thick excuse, I ask if she is ok?  She is!  I then let her know that this will not work for the summer.  We need to have a reliable person to care for our children, and I can not in good faith use her services long term.  She apoligized and I accepted.  I just hope she learns that just one phone call could have solved so much of this hassle!

Gods plan might be deeper than I know, he might have even saved my children.  But these are things He does and only He knows and I will never know.  But for now I remain a working mother, with a mother in law who gets to see her grandchildren before she moves. Yet another day of Drama in the Life of This Working Mother!

As my husband put it "God does not close a door without first opening a window!" I held onto those words all day, and it helped!

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June 22, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - Lyme Disease?

To be honest I am a bit scared! Because I am thinking (maybe too much)!   Over the weekend that out youngest kidlet might have Lyme disease~ Now here’s the thing I AM NOT one of those moms who runs to the computer every time my child has a sniffle or booboo, but I have seen so many friends and family members suffer long term with Lyme disease that I did not want to wait to read about it!  I know that Lyme can have long term effects on people and I do not want my son to be one of those PEOPLE!
What clued me into what might be Lyme? Well over the weekend he spiked a fever it read 104.4 on the ear thermometer. He was not his normal active child, cranky and took a 3 hour nap mid day on Saturday! He has not napped at home since he was 18 months old. Later that evening he vomited, mainly because his fever. Then there was the tell tale sign, a tick was pulled off him about three weeks ago off his inner elbow. It was not on long, but long enough to have to remove it with tweezers and a pin.

So do all these things line up to be Lyme disease? Not sure so I looked it up!

WebM.D. told me the following: What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is an infection that is spread by ticks. You can get Lyme disease if you are bitten by an infected tick. But most people who have had a tick bite do not get Lyme disease. It’s still important to see your doctor if you have a tick attached to you that you can't remove. What causes Lyme disease? Lyme disease is caused by bacteria. Infected ticks spread the bacteria by biting people or animals.

So today the second day of summer vacation I will be taking my kidlets to the doctor! Oh joy! If anyone has any advice about Lyme or experience with a child having this please leave comment, I would like to hear what you saw or went through!

The photos you see are from yesterday’s adventure to a local watering hole! The boys had a blast and I got burnt! Ugh

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June 21, 2010

Monday WHY Monday? Summer starting....

The summer has started.
THe boys last day of school was friday and we already have over stimulated them.  Friday after school we went to a friends house for pool and BBQ, smores and fun!  But by saturday morning I had two children who were over tired, one lost their voice and the other was running a fever! 

What a way to start the summer! 

We had made the best of the weekend and now we will make the best of the summer.  With mondays and fridays off I will be able to spend time with the boys and still work, which is a great thing for me. Allowing me time away from them there for enjoying my time with them.  As the summer moves forward we will have many adventures together and I will share them here.

Monday Why Monday? Because it is a great start and a way to start the week off.  Not always dreded and feared!


June 9, 2010


Last night was the first night of a new small group though church.   My intention was not to join a small group this summer but things change when you listen to the Lord and let go of your own convictions!
As I have mentioned many times in the past six months I have been drawn into doing more research on human trafficking. I am feeling compelled to read about it, talk about it, do research about it and pretty much make others aware of what is going on locally to globally.

We statred to read the Book "Not For Sale - The return of the Global Slave Trade and How We Can Fight it" by David Batstone.


I can not detail the book yet, but as we read each section, I will share with you. But from this point I can share with you some of the many orginizations fighting for those who cant!


My state Facts: http://www.cga.ct.gov/pcsw/Trafficking/07%20final%20trafficking%20report.pdf

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June 8, 2010

Day Three - Creativity Boot Camp - Multilayered

Here is a link to my Day Three Assignment of the word "Multilayered"

Care to Join me on this adventure?
Need to break out of the box?
Click here for more info on this Challenge!
boot camp

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Truthful Tuesday - Giving Up? Or Shielding my Heart?

WOW - what a title!
So I ask how do I give up and How do I move forward for the good of my family?  Or do I continue to shield my heart?

Hard questions and I am so sure I do not have any answers on how to GIVE UP!  But what I am looking for is how do I give up caring about the relationship I have with someone, because I seem to try and try to make it work, but in the end my efforts are what bites me back? (fyi I am NOT talking about my married relationship)  I can not and will not say what relationship I feel that I put in so much and get next to nothing back, but I can say that it hurts over and over again and I need to find a way to put up a large shield.

A shield that will help protect my heart from so much heart break so much mental pain that it is causing friction in my home.  It is causing fights!  It is causing me to be a woman I do not like to be.  It is hurting the long term relationships I want to have with my boys, but most of all it is hurting ME.  SOunds a bit self focused, right? Well if you can not protect yourself and your own heart, whose will you protect?

Be be honest I need to protect my HEART before it endures more damage! 
Before the effects of what harm has been done already, set in and take hold of my life, I need to start to give up on this person(s) and move on. But how?

I will write more on how I choose to give up and how I'm getting though this~

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June 7, 2010

Day Two Creativity Boot Camp...

June 2, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday - BOYS

Today I'm the one in need of a wake up call!

I need to chill out a bit when it comes to the boys. As they get older I'm seeing that they need time to vent they need time to fight then they need time to be boys!

This summer is going to be a challenge for me! I'm going to have to let them figure it out. Figure out how to work together, figure out how to form brotherly bonds between each other. They need to have this bond because in a few short years they will be teenagers, and will no longer come to us with their problems every time.
I pray and pray more that they will turn each other before they turn to others! But before that happens, I as a mother (their Mother) need to guide them in the process of cooperating with one another now so they can trust one another later in life.   I am also looking to guide them in being Godly Men, Men who love the Lord, Men who love one another.  I am thankful for our church because their children's ministry is awesome and both the boys seem to get something out of it.  But for now I need the wake up call.  I need to take this as a call to action, a call to do the right thing for our Sons, sons of the Lord, children of God.  We have been intrusted with these souls by the heavely father now we need to make sure we mold them properly.

So today is my "Wake Up Wednesday" today is my day to wake up and take care of my boys, to make sure we are raising them in the name of the Lord.  They are great boys, they are energitic boys....they are BOYS!

For Great insight try http://www.themobsociety.com/

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June 1, 2010

Truthful tuesday - The MOB Society

Last Night I took part in a great twitter party! (dont know what a twitter party is?  Well ~ A twitter party is a fast and fun virtual party, using the twitter platform. Usually held in the evening, twitter parties typically last 1-2 hours and are a wonderful way for people to connect and discuss a topic of choice. Most twitter parties have an expert panelist and party host to keep the party on topic.)

This twitter party was based around the new web site The MOB Society (Moms Of Boys) http://www.themobsociety.com/
A beautiful net work of Moms who blog (some men too) and who are trying to raise a boy or two in this tough world.  The women who are a part of this also want to make sure we raise strong, confident boys who know the Lord!  What could be better? Not much.

There were great questions in which you could win great prizes.  Did I win? Nope Did I care? Nope!  I met a few great people and gained an understanding that "I am not alone" in this raising of boys thing.

So if I learnedd anything last night about boys, it was that my boys are NORMAL and the rest of the world has a messed up way of looking at children.  These creatures (boys) are different they are a challange and I look forward to having a beautiful network of Christ followers who are also raising young men of the Lord.

THANK YOU FOR Bringing the MOB Society to light!

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