August 30, 2010

Summer in review

Thinking Tuesday

From start to finish this summer has been jammed packed with so much, even the kids heads are spinning. And I'm not talking Exceroist/pea soup spinning!! Ok, maybe!

For this post I really had to look back and review all the things we did this summer. Things like Vacation bible school, parks, ice cream, petting farm, pizza friday nights, library runs, and hanging out with friends.

But then there was time at local state park beach, a small town car show and catching frogs in our pond. Time spend at grandparents lake house and many local playgrounds.

We did now things like learning to ride a two wheeler for the first time, first time at overnight cub scout camp and spending the whole summer with the boys grandmother, as she was a quick fix as a summer sitter. She did many things with the boys, from museums, carousel rides, beach trips, ice cream runs,

Monday WHY Monday?

Wow its been weeks since I last blogged, and for some strange reason, I am not remembering why I stopped!

Oh that's right, I have been focusing on enjoying the last few weeks of the boys summer vacation! WOW it goes by so fast!  It seems like just yesterday, I was holding a little one in my arms, while waving to my first born, through a window of the school bus, as he left my grasp and went off to kindergarten. That was 2006, just four years ago!

Four short years and now I'm going to wave good bye to another kindergartner, but this one will be different! This guy rode the bus all last year to preschool at the same school. Our oldest never rode a bus to school before!

This year is different because he knows most of his classmates & he is one of the oldest. While our first born was the youngest in his class and knew no one going into kindergarten.

It's just so different from oldest to the youngest, even for me! I am not scared, nervous or plain old protective of my little man getting to school on the first day. This time we know the drill, we know the players, we just have this down to a science. Things are different but with that there are things that are nice to have done the same from year too year!

Each school year we've had the same driver, and she calls me when she is leaving (cuz she's my neighbor) this way they are outside waiting for the bus! Each year I know how much lunch costs, who the teachers are, I know what to pack on the first day, I know where to make them stand under the tree in our front yard for the cheesy first day photo.

I know how long it takes to get to school, so I (and every parent in town) can meet them at school for the opening day ceremony. Ringing of the bell, flag raising, pledge and welcome. It is all so much fun!

I am nervous, excited, scared and over joyed that the school year has started!

So today I ask, Monday Why Monday? As in why do you have to start school on a Monday?
I will post photos tomorrow!

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August 20, 2010

childrens quote of the day...

‎8 yo son told 5yo son
"hey get a mohawk, girls love a tough guy!"


August 3, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - Bad Parenting

Is it Bad parenting when you know you are failing to teach your child to ride a bike?

A few weeks ago our 5 year old said "When I am big like Trevor (his brother) I want to ride a bike like him!"

DAGGERS shot through our hearts, we were those bad parents! Not bad because we are abusive but because we have failed to teach our child to ride a bike.  Excueces galore...."we have a rock drive way!" "he's not ready!" " The bike we have for him is too small, too big etc" there were a ton, but they were all wrong! We were covering our butts, and not admitting we were bad parents.

So last night after dinner, the air was cool and we asked our oldest if he would try out the smaller bike we had, and to our amazement, he wanted to learn.  He had shown NO interest before last night!  He was getting it, but the bike was way tooo small. So at 8:00 pm we took a family trip to WallyWorld to pick our our sons first bike that was just for him.  And let me tell you, once we got home (almost 9:15pm) he wanted on the bike! 

Then again this morning he could not wait to show his grandmother his new bike and how he could ride.  Would you believe that by the time I got home from work he was RIDING HIS BIKE! 24 hours and this boys had it down, all but breaking!  WOW

Day One on the bike!
Wont Give up even with the night coming!

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August 1, 2010

Guest Post on Nurse's Notes:

Today I was able to guest Post for another Bloggy Mom!
Where Moms Who Blog Go!

Thanks Tammy for letting me write a post for you this month! - You all can read it by clicking here....

Nurses Notes

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