July 29, 2010

Chinatown - Food and Street Walkers. - Thinking THursday

This week our family took a short (2 day) trip to NYC! We were excited to show our boys (8&5) the CITY! All the fun sites, attractions, sounds, smells and history of the Big Apple. For me this was going to offer many new experiences as well, like my first trip to The Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Battery Park. Plus the opportunity to pay our respects at The World Trade Centers and "Ground Zero". This is a trip I will never forget and I hope our boys will always remember their first trip to NYC.

But todays post is not about the city or even about Ground Zero, maybe tomorrow! I want to write about what I saw in Chinatown and how I felt walking in Chinatown. But let me preface this post, by telling you that over the past year I have felt in my heart to read and do more about Human Trafficking and the Human Slave Trade. Two events set this off in me, one was the preview of the movie "Taken" while at a work seminar and the other was hearing from local city police that there was trafficing happening in the small new england city that our new crisis pregnancy center was opening. These two allowed the Lord to open my eyes and start doing more research and focus on this tragedy.

So back to NYC, and the streets of Chinatown. As we were seeking a simple place to eat with a bit of an experience, we walked around Chinatown taking in all the culture and differences between our simple rural living verse the city life. I started to look deeper into the edges of the streets and noticed Asian women standing up against buildings clutching larger hand bags. They were wearing short tight skirts, short tops and lots on makeup, that made them look almost like porcelain dolls, including the total lack of expression. Then I was struck with the realization that there was a man and woman on the corner with mobil to mobil calling one of these doll like girls, out of the shadows to the corner where they were talking to a business man.

I thought to myself did I really just see that? We kept walking and finally sat down with our buffet dinner. As we were sitting eating a man and woman came in, he showed her the buffet and paid for her, said "I had a good time" then left while she stayed to eat. She was a Robust woman who looked beat tired and used, she just made wonder if she was a "street walker"?

This whole hour of time made me really stop and pray I was wrong, even though I fear, I'm not. This is a major issue in the world be it in big cities or smaller urban areas, this idea of human trafficking and slave trade being right in our back door, is not so unreal  I am asking the Lord to place on my heart what I need to do to inform others, to change what is happening and how to educate myself so I can educate others on this massive issue. 

check out these sites



This is REAL and Scary stuff!

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July 28, 2010



Ground Zero By Day

Ground Zero By Night

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July 27, 2010

truthful tuesday!

“What you perceive, your observations, feelings, interpretations, are all your truth. Your truth is important. Yet it is not The Truth.” Linda Ellinor

A quote that hit me hard! We all can read this and truly except it, for it is so true! We all live our lives some to the fullest and others day to day, but no matter what we all live with our own Truth and that is not always the truth that others seek.

So living our life to seek out others truth is not a healthy way to live, we should continue to live seeking out the truth that the Bible and the Lord has placed before us, for his word is Truth.

As a Christian, a very young Christian, I seek the truth that is in the Bible, I seek the truth in my own life and in my world. But as a Pro life advocate I also seek others to tell them of my truth, to tell them what I am lead to believe is the truth from the Lord. To tell others that Life is Life from the second it is formed. I will not continue on with my opions on abortion and life, at least not in this post.

So I would encourage you to seek your Truth and live by your Truth, live to the fullest and be honest with you heart, follow your truth, no matter how you are guided by it.

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July 26, 2010

Monday, WHY Monday?

Now starts another week!
But I must comment on the weekend past, and how amazingly fun it was! Friday night dinner and cards with friends, saturday the sale of our 1954 Dodge and a night out. Heavy Metal multi Band outdoor concert in 90 degree heat and 100± humidity!
Then sunday - visiting an outdoor service under the trees! It was so awesome! Not that the Church was welcoming, cause the only person who greeted us was our former pastor and Friend. He was the Main reason we attended, and that fact that our own service time would conflict with fun thing #??
So the service music was good, atmosphere A+ and the sermon was refreshing. There were so many times I wanted to shout out AMEN!! Ben was hitting the points about serving (Matthew 25) and serving not just your home community and THEN (cause there is NO then in the verse), but serving all corners of the world the way we were commanded to do so! The poor, thirsty, needed, hungry and imprisoned, all need to be served by the Lords people and served equally without reward!
I am thanking Ben for this reminder, I know I serve in many ways, but need to serve in more ways!! Not only that but our children also need to understand the idea of serving and really getting dirty doing the work of the Lord all while getting NOTHING in return except Gods continued and never ending Love!!! Pretty hard stuff for adults to learn let alone a 5 and 8 year old! But as a parent and a child of God myself, I must try and instill these values into our Boys!
So this week, once our fun has ended, our boys will serve along side me at a festival for underprivileged urban children, that will encourage them to get excited for school! What will you do to get your family to Serve others without rewards?


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July 19, 2010

Monday WHY Monday?

Why Monday!
I ask this pretty much every week, but never really get an answer.  I guess it will arrive when I really need it too!

Monday is a tough day, a day off the weekend.  A day where I clean and clean, pick up from the weekend and basiclly press the RESET Button on our home.  But wouldn't it be great if life had a RESET button for many things, besides the computer?  This type of button would be awesome.  But It would be dangerous as well.  I could use it to start over each day all new and clean in the house, and in my life. Then I think of how my boys would use such a button, and I kringe!

As a Christian I know we have a button of sorts, it is the Word of God and the blood of Christ.  This blood has been shed for us so each day we are washed away of our sins and start anew.  So in many ways I have a reset button I just have to look to it! 

So each Monday I clean the house, and each day I look to my reset button to guide me in my week ahead!

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July 8, 2010

Being a mom - It's pretty hard!

Being a mom is a hard job!

Being a mom of two boys harder!

Now let's add a great part time job on top of that, that's right even harder.  In today's world we as moms have so much to accomplish and so much to live up to, that we forget the basics of life. Things like raising our children with a faith base that they will use later in life!

I am trying and sometimes I think I have failed, but then there are situations that allow me to see that what I do has an impact on our boys both now and in the future. You might ask, "How can that be? " How can I see into the future?

Well I see that my husband was brought up with good Christian values and because of it, this week he made a choice not to sell a car to someone because when he drove it again there was an issue that was not there last week.  He took one of his vacation days to fix this and might have for fitted the deal of selling a car, that needs to be sold.  He shows me that in the future what we teach our kids now will have an impact on life choices later on.  So what I do now as a mother, wife and child of God will have long lasting effects on our boys!

This weeks lesson was two fold, one it was about using game cheats to win more coins on a computer game and the second lesson was being able to tame our tongues.  Two very important lessons for them to learn early on.  One lesson was handed down from us and the other from my mother in law, who does not tolerate swearing, and neither do we.  So this is going to be a challanging couple of years, as we try to raise these boys with values and make them men of God!

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July 7, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday #B90Days

Reading the Bible in 90- days - This is a huge challange for me, as reading and committing  to reading anything is hard for me.  But as Monday I've committed both to myself and to an awesome group of people online through twitter and blogs.  I see the accountability as the key to accomplishing this.

So my wake up call has arrived and I've already read day one and day two on the schedule.  Much of what I've already read is new to me and this is exciting and encouraging.  So as I read through the Bible in 90 days, I will be keeping you all updated and share with you my insights that I've encountered.  It is not too late to join me and all those who are up for this awesome challange.


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July 6, 2010

Thinking Tuesday - Man it's Hot outside!

Really the title has nothing to do with Truthful Tuesday; I just wanted to say that!

This past week has been a busy one with the heat, prep for a mini vacation and travel to upstate to see my parents and brother's family.  In all the week is now over and we are in the third full week of summer vacation. The boys are having a blast, and I am very glad that they are! To be honest I am also very happy that we are able to have my mother in law watch the kids. She is awesome and they are enjoying the time they have.

Honestly this time together will never be made up in any form through out their lives. Children need their grandparents! As a child I remember the few times we traveled to see my grandparents or my grandmother. We always had a great time and I still cherish those memories to this day. As I got older we saw my Grandmother (my Mom's Mother) more often and I learned so much from her, knitting and crocheting were two things I know now because of her! My Grandfather (my Dad's Father) visited us often once I was in junior high school. When he came to visit we always had adventures and new experiences, ones I will never forget.

This past week alone our boys had new experiences like hiking at Fillmore Glen in upstate New York, watching fireworks from a boat on one of the Finger Lakes and got to ride in a kayak. All things they have never done before!

Each visit and each day with their grandparents is a new memory, and to be honest, memories they will never forget and want their own children to have with us!

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