May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Monday

If I could say I know a military hero I would!

If I could say I have a family member who died serving their country, I would!

But I don't have anyone in my family who served over seas, I do however know that my Grandfather served state side. There are people I knew from high school who served, one David Collard died in Iraq! He died serving and protecting His /OUR country. He died too young!
Just like many of these men and women who are dying too young.

I wanted to write a thank you to all the men and women who are serving overseas and state side. I wanted to write to all who have served in decades past. I wanted to remind everyone on this memorial day 2010 to sit in silence for a few minutes or more and pray for those who continue to serve their country. But for now here is my thank you note to all who serve this country.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the USA ~
Thank you so very much for continue protecting our country.
Thank you to all of you who wear a military uniform day to day or just once a year!
Thank you to those who have served in battle or served a meal, each job is vital to protecting the US.
Thank you to the millions of soldiers who have sacrificed so much for so many they do not know.

I want to thank the Mothers and Fathers who helped raised such remarkable soldiers! Thank you to the husbands and wives who knew going in to their relationships that they were taking risks even here at home. Thank you to the children who said their nightly prayers that their father or mother might return unharmed from war.

But most of all I want to thank those who can not hear me - those who have served to protect this country since before 1776.  Thank you for giving us the right to believe in a God. Thank you for keeping the political process alive.  But most of all thank you for giving the biggest thing you could, YOURSELF!
GOD Blessed this country with brave men and women who knew what could and would happen if they inlisted.

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May 27, 2010

thinking thursday

Thinking Thursday - This kept slapping me across the face this week!  The thoughts and major "don't ignore this" moments have been way up on the issue of sex trafficking, human sex trade and how I am supposed to help.  It was about a month ago when I was on the woman's retreat with my church, when I started to talk with another woman about her desire to learn more about what we can do in regard to this major international issue.

So I started to look up sites and read about human trafficking this is what I have been reading through:

  But I like the following:  WHAT IS TRAFFICKING

"Human trafficking is the trade of human beings and their use by criminals to make money. That could mean forcing or tricking people into prostitution, begging, or manual labour.

Victims do not agree to be trafficked – they are tricked - lured by false promises - or forced.

The trafficker takes away the basic human rights of the victim: the freedom to move, to choose, to control her body and mind, and to control her future.

Do not confuse trafficking with smuggling. A smuggler will facilitate illegal entry into a country for a fee, but on arrival at their destination, the smuggled person is free; the trafficking victim is enslaved.

Human trafficking is a global phenomenon that is driven by demand and fuelled by poverty and unemployment. It continues to exact a significant toll in the multitude of countries around the world. A victim is often subjected to the use of force, fraud, or coercion for labor exploitation, sexual exploitation, or domestic servitude. " From MTV EXIT

This is real and this is NOW - over the next few months I will be writting about Trafficking and what each one of us can do about this!

May 25, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - should be let me whine some more tuesday.....


Really I just wanna whine some more! 
I wanna spill it all and really tell you all how I feel!
I want to rant and rave about people!
I wanna just blurt it all out ~how I feel and who I am mad at!
I want to tell the world all about who pissed me off and made me cry this past week. 

I want to ask this person what makes them a better Christian then me?
What gives them the right to treat me like that, and not others. 
I want to ask "what did I do for YOU to have such feelings toward me, when you've never gone out on a limb and tried to be kind to me?"
I want to ask "Why can't you even try and "look me in the eyes"? Or just TRY to respect me as another human being in this world?"

That is alot of "I WANTS!!"
I think what I Need is to do the following:

I need to forgive!
I need to move on!
I need to stop talking about it!
I need to move forward!
I need to remember not all christians are like this!
I need to be the better person.
I need to ask for help.
I need to change from this.
I need to ask for forgiveness.
I need to look for the positive in this.
I need to realize I am not the only one who was hurt.

This past week I was so blessed to have a few good friends there to help me through this and for that I am ever so grateful. To tell you all the truth I am sure without the faith that I have in the Lord, I am not sure I would have made it through the week.  In the past I would have fallen into a depression or funk, but not now, now I have the knowledge that I am NOT alone in all of this.

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May 24, 2010

Monday WHY Monday? Tough week behind me

Last week was atough week! Not at home and not work wise - but on a personal level!

It was tough knowing that I had to comfront someone at work and it was tough to have my executive director have to deal with this as well. There are and were so many issues there that I will not go in to detail at all, but in general the few things I saw last week really made me think long and hard about the path that I have been on the past two years.
From your basic God Fearing woman, mother and wife to what and where I am today.
I feel as though I am a daughter of the Lord.  I feel as though I am a sister in Christ ~ I have learned I have stepped out of the comfort zone that I was in for so many years. 
Am I ONE with the Lord? NO! I most likely will never be that close to the Lord, until the day I enter Heaven.

Am I aware that each day I awake I walk one more step in the path layed out before me?  Sure Thing.
I am so blessed to know that Jesus died on the Cross so that each day we are washed of our sins and must start anew.  Start over.  Retry and move forward.  I am glad the Lord has placed the stones down for me and guided me down the path.  I am also glad he has allowed me to stray and learn from my misguided turns.  Where would I be with out some sort of learning experiences?  NO WHERE???

So this week was placed before me by the Lord, and I see that Christians of all sorts are out there, however not all are perfect, nore did I believe they were.  Maybe those people who believe that they are perfect are mis-guided in their paths?  Maybe the Lord is testing them and letting them grow as well.

Was this a tough week left behind me?  SURE!
Was I able to learn? YES
Did I blame anyone? Nope - how could I?  If it really comes down to it, I will offer up forgiveness and ask how I am able to change myself so that I can move on and so can my sister in Christ.

Most importantly I learned that the Lord has asked to LOVE one another no matter what, and what this means is that I must LOVE a person no matter how they act toward me.  Love is in the Bible and all that branches from Love is in there too! Love has so many is hard NOT to define!  So I learned about LOVE and I learned about RESPECT, Understanding and Growth this week.

I ask today and each day after today, that the Lord move me forward on my path and allow me to learn great things from this week past.  Especially that each day is better than the day before.

Thanks for reading my Rant!

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May 13, 2010

Thinking Thursday....

 I got to thinking about politics yesterday after a really good conversation with two women at work. Let me say that I am not a huge political person, but I am one to stick to my convictions and vote for the best candidate who will support the issues that are important to me. Sure over the years I have changed my convictions and passions but deep within my political views have been pretty level!

After talking with these women I was thinking, people who are Pro Life (or any major conviction) should do their homework! Find out about the current senators, congressmen, reps, town officials, and other government workers who serve them and their communities! Find out basics like religions, personal convictions of each of the candidates.

I have never personally done this, but working at the PRC I have learned about these politicians and their views on abortion and the right of the unborn vs rights of the woman! Just recently we held our annual fund raising banquet and a senate candidate and his wife made the choice to come to hear Jill Stanek and they were moved! Their support of our centers and the Pro Life movement is crucial to our doors staying open! Then if our doors stay open we are able to serve his communities in a different way but still very important! (image care of ).

 If you want more info on pro life canidates look up the following sites :

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May 12, 2010

WAKE UP! Home Genetic Test Kits

So here is my wake up call for today!

Walgreens Drug Stores to start selling Home Genetic Test Kits! Really what is happening in our society??
Yet another way our society is saying to teens "It's ok to have sex before marriage and have as many partners as you want! We will put you on birthcontrol, give you medications for STD's, we will pay for your abortions and now we will even make a home Genetic Test kit!"

Sure these kits are to help determine predisposition to certian chronic diseases, but are we going to far? Would this kit help women choose a spouse? Or who she wants to father her baby? What are we doing playing God?  There are just so many things wrong with this idea I am unable to wrap my thoughts around it!

WAKE UP AMERICA - these are not just my children, they are yours and they are our future!  We need to stop trying to play God, and start following Him and listening to his words!

By the way these tests are NOT approved by the FDA because they do not have to be???????????

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May 11, 2010

Truthful Tuesday ~ Bites

Can I be honest with you?

All right I know you have no say in the matter.
I'm going to be forward no matter what!
So beyond really disliking mondays, lately Tuesdays bite as well.
Currently I'm driving on child to a regular Doctors appointment while making the youngest tag along.
Fair? Who cares if its fair? I go we ALL go! (yes while driving)~

So we GO! I'm sure we will be late because lately WE are always late.
As we leave the house not one mile away I had to pull over, because spilled JUICE!

Oh my it has started already, only a mile from home!!! The drama has started and we still have 25 minutes to get to the doctors office. To my surprise that was the only issue we had the whole ride, there was not even an ounce of fighting. The boys were good for me! WOW and we were on time!

Even with this somewhat good trip, honestly sometimes I feel as though I am the ref, mom, taxi driver, nurse, cook, teacher, waitress all around slave, but there are days like this when it is over and the boys were good for me I see that it is all worth it.

Even though tonight before bed, I got a head to my pelvic bone, a burp in my face and extra slimy kisses at bed time, it is all worth it!

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May 10, 2010

Monday - Why Monday! Post Mother's Day!

Great day yesterday besides being woken up at 5:45 (i think it was earlier) by our two boys wanting to share their creations with me! I got some of the cutest little dust collectors (see photos). I also was taken out to breakfast to the VFW in Manchester CT - One of the best breakfasts around (to bad they only do it every 2nd sunday of the month)!  At the VFW I got a rose and an omlet made to order, and the boys got blueberry pancakes and a mae to oder waffle!  It was great and I love what these man and women did for our country, and still do to serve it today.
While there I was struck by the scene of a War Vet using a walker and with help holding a baby girl, who was no more that a few months old..  It was amazing to see him supporting her tiny little head, and her father close at hand supporting her body under this elderly man.  It was a photo op, but I choose not to take one because I wanted to  remember the moment in my mind.  It was a beautiful sight especially on mother's day.

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you all!

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May 9, 2010

Mother's Day! Everyday!

Today is mothers day and I really don't focus on this day mainly because I am a Mother everyday! So I get hugs, kisses and I love yous everyday from my boys! That got me thinking about mothers day and what does it mean to me?

The meaning of mothers day is first defined by my own birth and adoption and being able to share every Mothers day with my Mom for the past 35 years! I was adopted May 29th 1974 just a few weeks past Mothers Day (that year)! I am sure the Joy of tiny hands making cute cards and some of the cheesest gifts ever, was the yearly highlight for my Mom, especially since she still has some of these after all these years!

Growing up I knew that a mother is not just the woman who gave birth to you, but a mother is the woman who would die for you, the woman who nurses you back to health in the middle of the night, the woman who holds you during a thunder storm. She is your everything, she heals you and teaches all at the same time, without you ever realizing it.

For all these things and more I love my Mom! Because of the love I received as a child from my mother, I too wanted to become a mother! and sometime in april 2001 we found out we would be parents in mid december.

So the day Came later than expected but it did happen, our first son arrived. That day I became a mother! That is my first Mothers day Then again three years later we were blessed with another little boy. Another Mother's Day for me!

Even though Mother's Day is fun, I think the celebration and appreciation of your mom should happen everyday in some small way be it a note, hug, email or phone call - make mothers day everyday in a small way.

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May 8, 2010

What an Honor!

May 6, 2010

Did he really have to say that?

Over the past few years I have been dying my hair.  Alright more like the past 15 years of my life! 
I love changing my color and I love being able to express myself through the color. 
But last night I shared my idea of letting my hair go back to it's natural color with my darling husband.  Over the past few years my hair has started to include grey hair!  I am not bothered by the grey nor am I trying to hide it!  So I stated to my darling husband, I am going to let me hair go natural and see what my grey hair does...
His reply....
"maybe it will get you a free cofffee at MacDonalds or 10% off Khols on wednesdays?"

Ugh!  Well even with those sweet and very up lifting words I am going to let me hair GO GREY! As with any thing else I write about I am sure I will update you all on this. 

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May 5, 2010

Is today Wednesday?

WOW - wednesday already??
I can not believe how fast this month has flow by!  Just a few weeks back I was stressing out about my first banquet, planned from start to finish on my own!  What do I mean by "on my own"? Well I am the person telling me what to do when and how, setting and accomplishing deadlines, making follow up calls, and deligating work and doing the tables assignments, AV and well...anything else that needs to be accomplished!  Sure we have volunteers and a staff, but I have never been the ONE!  I have always worked for someONE!  Never running an event from start to finish that was THIS BIG! 

This is amazing stuff going on where I work!  Stuff like women keeping their babies after hearing about the truths behind abortion.  Women choosing Christ to be in their lives and in the lives of their unborn child and sometimes even in close family members! Post Abortion Recovery! Adoption, parenting, empowerment! This Stuff is HUGE! Re-Starting our mens ministry!  There is so much going on at the two centers I work with that I need to step back and wrap my mind around it all.

But this Banquet is over and I am feeling good about the year to come! I am feeling good about what the Lord has instore for us.  Everyday is a new day and every day is a challange, but if we are guided by the Lord then each challange is AWESOME!

The volunteers and friends of our center are great people and without them this would have never happened.  God is great and so are the children he has chose to help at this CPC!

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