July 24, 2007

Sunday July 22nd 07

What a fantasic day. Beautiful weather and just an all out great day to spend with our family. Besides going out for breakfast, we took the boys to the playground. They had a blast. This was the very playground that their daddy used to play on when he was in school. Our oldest thought "wow" the same playground. Like it was hard to believe that his father used to play, and here of all places.
There is one thing I really love about boys...they can pee anywhere, once potty trained. It seems that every where we go, our oldest has to pee. Pee on a treee, rock behind the car. Basiclly anywhere he can. If it is a new place, he wants to go! It is ok, but to the point of pulling down his pants to go, all the time. Now his baby brother is learning to use the bathroom, he also wants to pull downhis pants. However, he does not know to go near or behind a tree. he just pulls them down where he is. Yes, this is cute, but, kind of embarassing at the same time. But I know we will have to go through even more stages with potty training, so this is not that bad.

July 14, 2007

busy week

What a busy week. We went to the libaray three times this week and read all the books we checked out. The boys are doing a reading program and at the end of each week they get prizes. I personally think it is all a ploy to get parents into the libaray, but it still brings us in. Plus the boys love the playground there, it is small but they like to play and swing for an hour afterwards.
We also went to a petting farm in Ashford, called Bakerwoods. It was great. There were 7 moms and 9 children to attened the MOMS Club outting. There was a gnome trail, goats, a cow, bunnies, chickens, a lama, donkey, painted turtles and so so many more animals. Dylan really liked the turkey, and was more than willing to chase him as soon as we got of the car.
Thursday we went to a MOMS club ice cream social, and the boys played well with the other boys there. Afterward we met up with the boys cousins at an out door concert, we all ate dinner and the kids mainly played on the playscape. It was a good time for all, and I know the boys liked playing with their cousins, and meeting new kids there as well.