December 29, 2009

Little Debbie Cupcakes Arrived!

Alright folks this afternoon we came from from a somewhat successful outting to the local S-Mall and to my wonder and delight we found a box full of little debbie cupcakes!

What a great treat for my boys who are on sugar overload already - but neither on of them have ever had a little debbie cupcake and truely enjoied every last crumb.


December 15, 2009


I need to wake up!

I need to be refreshed.

I am in need of a spiritual upheaval.

Have you ever felt that way around the holidays?

We all get excited just before the Thanksgiving holiday and then we start to fizzle and falter a week before the BIG Day (Christmas)!

But I was thinking whose DAY is it anyways?

Does Christmas belong to the children of the world with the eyes wide open looking for some amazing happenings around them? Children have a great way of looking at the world, well at least mine do. My children are self focused and making their lists of what they "WANT" for Christmas, they are finding new items to ask "Santa" for every morning. I look at them and wonder was I like that? Was I full of wonder of what the world brought me that day, was I always looking out for me and what I wanted now? As a mother I wonder why they are so self focused. Why do they always look for the next thing that they feel is due to them? Then I am brought back to earth by my DH who reminds me that they are children and children are supposed to be one step ahead of themselves when it comes to what they want. Especially in this culture that they are being raised in, they look beyond their NEEDS and really focus on what they "WANT"!

Ok so what happens when we grow up and become adults?

Ok when most of us "Grow Up"!

When does that switch over happen when we stop focusing on our own needs and start to care about the needs of others?

When do we start to see that Christmas is not just about ONE DAY, but about giving to others EVERYDAY?

When is there a switch?

Is there ever a switch?

Does this happen to all of us or just those who are faithful servants of the Lord?

And even the faithful; can have the wrong objectives when it comes to giving to others, right?

Is Christmas for Adults? I am not sure it is when it comes to the commercial holiday. As adults we tend to dread Christmas and all the hassles it brings us, and in all we lose sight of what Christmas really means to us a Christians. We dread the messes, the family time, the bills, the time off and lose focus on the meaning of Christmas. So whose holiday is this?

We MUST Wake up and refocus, reconnect and refresh, and as we have started to say at Care Net Pregnancy Center of NECT...


We have started to use Breath as our saying for 2010; we have looked to the word to refocus ourselves, reconnect with our goals and to refresh ourselves when we lose it. I will focus on BREATHING in 2010, but before that I will WAKE up and start to BREATH before Christmas.

Remember that this Christmas is not OURS; it all belongs to Jesus, for he is the reason for the season and each day of the year. Refocus yourself with one week to go. Reconnect with your families and children and refresh yourself before that day arrives.

Now I would like to ask you ~ what word would you use to focus yourself this Christmas season?

What are you going to do to Refocus, Reconnect or Refresh yourself and your family?

WAKE UP and take in some RRR

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Disney is offering "Sounds For Every Stocking" this holiday season, great CD's to fill up your kids stockings with and music to fill your house with smiles.

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I AM Waiting!!!!

Inspired by my morning

How we wait,  and wait for many things in life, we wait for friends, birthdays and the bathroom. We wait in line at the store, we wait for many people and things. Many Americans are impaitient and will not wait too long.

As Christians we wait too! We wait for things to change, we wait for a sign, we wait for the savior and at the holidays we wait for Christmas to get here!

Many times we forget that with waiting comes disappointment and discontent, we are not so much waiting as we might be expecting. Expecting that things will change because we prayed for the change, rather than waiting for the Lord to guide us to the change needed in our lives.

In this very troubling economic time where so many "good", even "great" and faithful servants of the Lord are loosing their jobs and can not find even a simple income, it becomes all to clear that waiting and expecting will blend together for many.

We as a society of Christians need to refocus and get back to waiting for the Lord to guide us on the path to His Heavenly Kingdom, rather than expecting Him to drawn the path in the dirt before us!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

December 10, 2009

Thinking Thursday

Yesterday left me thinking
Yes todays post is Thinking Thursday but it really left me wondering.
As I watched my boys play together on their nice day off from school, because of snow, I could see that they are growing up.  Bit by bit they are becoming friends.  Building a relationship with one another that goes beyond anything Ihad with my own brother.  I know a brother brother bond is so much different then any other type of sibling bond, and for this I am glad they have something I never did ~ this type of bond.

As I awoke still resting in bed, because they are good kids and they can entertain themselves for a while, I could listen in on their conversation with one another.  They were playing some game where one was the leader and the other had to follow.  Not always a good thing, but it does teach them to take turns in the roles they will play now and in their adulthood.  They played well with oneanother for a while, and it was just nice to sit and listen, not having to get up and break them apart.  They were getting along, what more could I ask?

Over the past few months my husband and I have seen great changes in both boys and how they respond to one another and how they act toward eachother, and yesterday was no different in how it pleases me to see such amazing changes in children, MY CHILDREN.

So today I was thinking (Thursday) what amazing changes have you seen in your children or in your self over the past few months?

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