July 31, 2016

Home away from Home

This is my happy place! Camp JN Webster in Ashford CT. One whole week with my boys and one week of day camp plus two days teaching Archery to cub Scouts. From swimming,  biking, camp fires & leather working to ATV training, robotics and railroading, this camp has it all and it is the reason we love summer at Camp!

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October 23, 2015

BSA Haunted Woods at JN Webster Camp

I  am going to just leave these photos here. They make me laugh and will just be a quick memory of our time at JNWebster boy scout camp. But many of these small bites, build up and create a larger over all memory of fun and safety, a sense of home and being apart of something so much bigger than ourselves. #bsa #hauntedwoods #jnwebster #home #gottalovecamp

December 15, 2014


Here is a picture of our boys with their cousins. It was taking on thanksgiving and is really important to me. Every year since our first son was born we have taken a photo of the girls and our boys. Be it Thanksgiving or Christmas or even Easter. But a photo exists and it is so cool to see them grow.
In this photo our boys are 9 and 12, and our nieces are 21, 19, 16 & 14. Seems like yesterday when these girls were little and adorable,  now they are beautiful young women who are strong and amazingly talented. 
I am hoping our once a year tradition continues.

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July 24, 2014

Finger Lakes

Baseball Hall of Fame.

A visit because we were traveling in upstate New York and we have never been to Cooperstown NY. As a family we are not a huge baseball watching group, as a child I loved listening to it on the radio and going to see games live. Here are some quick pics from our trip.