January 25, 2012

Pretentious or just proud?

Here is a question for all you parents out there... Are parents allowed to boast? Especially when it comes to the amazing accomplishments of our children? Please weigh in on this! I would love to hear what you have to say. Because we are all connected through social media is there a protocol for bragging?

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January 13, 2012

Substitute Teaching

Lately I've been doing more substitute teaching, pretty good job for me and I really enjoy it. This job allows me to be there for my boys and still earn some pay on the side for some of the fun things in our life. Currently I'm in three different schools and I am working almost three days a week. Pretty good! I can say that I really enjoy working as a sub and really enjoy the hugs and grins I get from the kids when I come into their classrooms. Be it a coverage of meeting day, or a whole day with the same class, I am typically greeted with smiles. But, I must say that my favorite part lately, is seeing the same staff members at the different schools and their positive reactions to me being there in their rooms or working side by side with them. The schools I work in are all very friendly and the students are great. Sure there is still the typical day where students try to pull wool over my eyes, but as many have learned I am not easily swayed to backdown from the rules. I've seen many things happen while subbing, most if which has given me a greater respect for teachers. And an even greater understanding of children. Come on now, which one if us hasn't tried to fool a substitute teacher in our youth? Todays child does have different tools at their disposal. But so do the adults. There is always a challange when dealing with children. After two years of subbing, I must say I could write a book of my experiences but, that would not be fair to the children. For now i'll keep teaching and enjoying my time on the schools.

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January 5, 2012

List maker make me a list!

List maker make me a list! ~ sung to match maker make me a match from fiddler on the roof. (written a few months ago and was reminded about it when I spoke with my MIL about making lists)

It's 5:30 am, and I write this I have been up since 2:30 am unable to sleep.  Some of it has to do with the fact that my husband is having issues sleeping, due to a chest cold and a smaller factor is the temp in the room is way to warm. But the third and main reason is because, I am a list maker.  Mainly lists in my head of things I need to accomplish, but they are just that "in my head".

I tend to have this habit of making non-paper lists for everything from chores to groceries.  What happens to these well thought out paperless lists? Well the ink fades and the items never existed, therefore the item on said list can never be accomplished or purchased. Then in turn I'm unable to be that "super mom". LOL

So this early am, I awoke and put my smart phone to use, by typing out all this things I need to accomplish (not just todays stuff but long term stuff). As I typed out this list I can see that many of these items have been on the "list" for a while and just kept on the back burner.  So ahead of me I have a big chore list.
Now that I've made the list I have to remind myself to check the list and do the things on the list. 
Can I do it?
Can I get those things done?
I think I can, but as I made that list of family related chores, I realized that I need a second list of things to accomplish around the house. 
So should these be separated or one big list?
Do I make a list with sublists?
Oh so many questions, do I make a list of questions on list making?  As I'm ending this post I am going to put together my grocery list for this weekend, know full well that I shop at three different stores, all with it's own list! Ugh!

Over the past few months I have found that my phone lists have been very helpful, especially as I balance doctor appointments, teacher assignments, two cub scout dens, a pack and a household. 

Care to share how you make lists or accomplish those listed items?  I am also open to new ideas especially when it comes to keeping organized.


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January 4, 2012

Wanna start a fight?

Moms of boys know that boys are tough. These little babies are so sweet and lovable, and yet they are still boys.  There is just something in them that makes them natural fighters, right?  If you are a mom of a boy or multiple boys , I am sure there has been a point in your parenting where you (as a woman) have stood there wondering "where the heck did that come from?"

I was standing right in that place scratching my head wondering the same thing, not just for a moment but pretty much the whole last week. However my words (in my head) were a bit more on the harsh side.  And for those who know me,  I've been wondering these things; not of our 10 year old (even though I have before), but of the 6 almost 7 year old.

This past week has been a week of stubbornness, head butting, defiance, threats, and all around poor behavior.  In general this sweet child has reminded me of the early 90's movie 'Problem Child' with out the red hair and John Ritter in my life. Sure there have been great moments of kindness and gratitude, but those have been out weighted by moments of begging, crying, fist swinging, crankiness and anger.

But I guess the moments that push me as a parent are the physical moments. The ones where someone gets hurt on purpose, because of our sons anger.  As parents we have tried for a year plus to work with him on using his words and not his limbs. But this boy is a natural fighter and always has been.  This offers us a huge challenge because our oldest is a natural lover/fixer. So what do we do?

I am at a loss.  I need to figure out how to handle this little guy.  I know killing with kindness and love is where I need to start, but I need more. As a parenting team we are trying our best, we back one another up and we both see the issues that we are facing with our son.  So today I called the school social worker and have set up a plan of action to work with him on controlling his anger and controlling his physical aggression.  I will continue to blog on what the plan is and how it is going.  Thought and suggestions are welcome.

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January 1, 2012

A New Year...

With the New Year here so many people are talking about making a change.
Do I want to make a change?
Sure, who doesn't?
But what kind of change?
Personal or for others in my life?
How about my community or even world wide? Or Both?
Physical or Emotional? Both?

So many changes to make, which leads into long term or short term?
Then I have to think about how those changes might effect others in my life. If I make a change for myself, will it make changes for others, that they do not want in their lives. All these questions with so many different outcomes made me want to keep doing what I am doing, and not make any changes in fear of what those changes might do to others in my life.

Oh it just made my head spin.  So what was I going to do?
How was I going to make changes without making everyone around me change too?


So for now I am looking at changing how I eat and focus on loosing the weight I have found i the past year and by making that change, I hope to increase my exercise as well.  By me feeling better about myself - will change my attitude and there for rub off on those around me.  

Maybe by being more active physically, I can be more active emotionally and give ore of myself to my community those in my community.  As many of you might already know I love to donate my time and I love to serve others, but when a body is at rest it tends to stay at rest and there for I can not give if I am not active.  Ahhhh the circle again! 

So here goes my start to a new year changes and no changes for me.

Oh yeah....HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU....thanks for reading.

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