November 23, 2012


Thanksgiving took on a different meaning this year...
We each have things we are grateful for and each year we remind ourselves and others of those things. From Parents, siblings and children who are still with us, to employment and homes to shelter us. All of those things I am grateful for everyday and I do not believe that I need to reserve my gratitude for one day. I think each of us who wake up every morning should be thankful for that fact, and move through the day with the joy of knowing we were given a chance again.

But this year I am grateful for my health and the skilled hands of my doctor who I have entrusted to preform surgery on me.  I have liked my doctor since my first visit sometime in 1993, two children later and now a very simple but nerve racking surgery later, I love my doctor and her calm demeanor.

I am grateful for my husband who took the time off to care for me and worry with me as I went through this surgery. His bedside manner was great and I was well fed after surgery.

I am grateful for my friends who took care of the boys so that I was able to come home and rest a few hours with out the stress of children asking 100's of questions.

I am grateful for the friends who texted me for most of the day keeping me laughing and putting me at easy, their words (even though far away) were very meaningful to me and kept my spirits high.

Most of all I am grateful for those who prayed for me and kept me in their thoughts, through out the day and the weeks before surgery. I am a worrier and it was killing me to have an unknown result hanging over me, it still is, but it is over and I can now move forward.

So for those who knew about this, thanks for thinking of me.
For those who did not, it is not a big deal I am good!

I am just so grateful for my family and friends, this post thanksgiving day.


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