June 19, 2012

What are you doing this summer?

The aged old question of "what are you doing to do this summer?"
Teachers asked this question of us when we were school children, as a way to get us to either write or share with classmates.
So I asked myself..."what are we going to do this summer?"
I but some thought into it and came up with some classic summer activities that I would love to do with the boys this summer. But I also reflected on the cool things we have done in years past.
Cray fishing in the river.
Going to the beach.
Seeing the fireworks on the fourth of July
Going to NYC
Using a Slip & Slide
Hiking to Camp Site (LOL Read my post from last year click here! http://robertsrockfarm.blogspot.com/2011/07/our-first-backpacking-camping-tripwas.html
Going to Scout Camp
Visit an Amusement Park
Aquarium & Every Playground in a 20 mile radius
Children Museums
Splash Pads
Street Fests

So what can I do this summer to top what we have already done?
Well I already started! The other day I introduced Magic Shell Ice Cram topper to our boys! They loved it! It seemed to be a cool addition to our evening ice cream treat.

This summer I also what to firefly catching, drive in movie night, flea markets & beach trips.
Camping at various campgrounds! Tubing in the river.  More Hikes! Picnic Lunches. Trips to Maine and the Finger Lakes. I am looking forward to water gun & balloon fights! Making homemade Ice Cream & Popsicles. I would love to teach the boys to cook more than - NOTHING! Hanging out with friends.

Dr. Seuss National Memorial in Springfield MA. Never Been and I can not wait!

Many Visits to Old Sturbridge Village - Since have a membership
Maybe another great visit to East Beach - Newport RI

A trip to Port Jefferson, NY - on the Ferry from CT! We went once when the children were super little and now I can not wait to bring them back!
Maybe sell lemonade like we did last year!
A tag sale might be in the works too!

A few visits to the New England Air Museum - With another membership we see something different every time.

But beyond all these things I want to have fun with the boys and I would love some suggestions of what you are doing this summer!

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