June 3, 2012

Chaplin Road Race - 5k June 2nd 2012

So we "ran" the Chaplin Elementary PTO 10th Annual 5K Road Race yesterday June 2nd. I say "RAN" because we did not RUN the race, in fact I barely walked the race due to the slow pace of our 7year old who had never "run as road race before.  He wanted the really cool shirts, and the one and only way I was going to let him have a really cool shirt, would be to "run" the race.  So about a month ago I registered three of us to run the race because Troy would be working that Saturday.  As time got closer I reminded our 7 year old over and over that he must walk/run the race.  Then came Saturday, with such a beautiful forecast that I wanted to stay home and pull the covers over my head.  But NOPE I had to get up and get us all to the school for 8:35 and ready to run the race.

On your Mark Get Set GO!  at 9am we were off and "running" - ahead of the game was our 10 year old, who did his own thing, unlike last year.  He and I walked most of the race and I let him beat his mom over the finish line! But this year I walked 99% of the race in the pouring rain with our 7 year old 1st grader.  He was a trooper, jumping in pretty much every puddle along the race route.  He would speed up and run ahead of me, just to slow down to an almost painful pace.  But we made the best of it and in the end I only lost by a minute to him and over 9 minutes to our 10 year old. Oh and I lost a fair amount of money to an incentive of Ice Cream at our local Friendly's.  Which they cashed in asap after the road race.
(after the race medals and rain soaked hair)

Soaked to the bone, wrinkled toes, cool tee shirts and the fact that we all completed a 5K, the day was a success and I hope we do it again next year as a family.  Maybe just a bit faster! Want more info on this Annual Road Fundraiser please follow this link...http://chaplinschool.org/ptoevents.html

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