January 4, 2012

Wanna start a fight?

Moms of boys know that boys are tough. These little babies are so sweet and lovable, and yet they are still boys.  There is just something in them that makes them natural fighters, right?  If you are a mom of a boy or multiple boys , I am sure there has been a point in your parenting where you (as a woman) have stood there wondering "where the heck did that come from?"

I was standing right in that place scratching my head wondering the same thing, not just for a moment but pretty much the whole last week. However my words (in my head) were a bit more on the harsh side.  And for those who know me,  I've been wondering these things; not of our 10 year old (even though I have before), but of the 6 almost 7 year old.

This past week has been a week of stubbornness, head butting, defiance, threats, and all around poor behavior.  In general this sweet child has reminded me of the early 90's movie 'Problem Child' with out the red hair and John Ritter in my life. Sure there have been great moments of kindness and gratitude, but those have been out weighted by moments of begging, crying, fist swinging, crankiness and anger.

But I guess the moments that push me as a parent are the physical moments. The ones where someone gets hurt on purpose, because of our sons anger.  As parents we have tried for a year plus to work with him on using his words and not his limbs. But this boy is a natural fighter and always has been.  This offers us a huge challenge because our oldest is a natural lover/fixer. So what do we do?

I am at a loss.  I need to figure out how to handle this little guy.  I know killing with kindness and love is where I need to start, but I need more. As a parenting team we are trying our best, we back one another up and we both see the issues that we are facing with our son.  So today I called the school social worker and have set up a plan of action to work with him on controlling his anger and controlling his physical aggression.  I will continue to blog on what the plan is and how it is going.  Thought and suggestions are welcome.

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Blogger Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I sympathize. Boys are tough. I have a boy and girl and they both fight all the time. The boy usually starts the physical stuff though. Good luck. Let me know what works.

January 4, 2012 at 4:56 PM  

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