January 13, 2012

Substitute Teaching

Lately I've been doing more substitute teaching, pretty good job for me and I really enjoy it. This job allows me to be there for my boys and still earn some pay on the side for some of the fun things in our life. Currently I'm in three different schools and I am working almost three days a week. Pretty good! I can say that I really enjoy working as a sub and really enjoy the hugs and grins I get from the kids when I come into their classrooms. Be it a coverage of meeting day, or a whole day with the same class, I am typically greeted with smiles. But, I must say that my favorite part lately, is seeing the same staff members at the different schools and their positive reactions to me being there in their rooms or working side by side with them. The schools I work in are all very friendly and the students are great. Sure there is still the typical day where students try to pull wool over my eyes, but as many have learned I am not easily swayed to backdown from the rules. I've seen many things happen while subbing, most if which has given me a greater respect for teachers. And an even greater understanding of children. Come on now, which one if us hasn't tried to fool a substitute teacher in our youth? Todays child does have different tools at their disposal. But so do the adults. There is always a challange when dealing with children. After two years of subbing, I must say I could write a book of my experiences but, that would not be fair to the children. For now i'll keep teaching and enjoying my time on the schools.

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