January 1, 2012

A New Year...

With the New Year here so many people are talking about making a change.
Do I want to make a change?
Sure, who doesn't?
But what kind of change?
Personal or for others in my life?
How about my community or even world wide? Or Both?
Physical or Emotional? Both?

So many changes to make, which leads into long term or short term?
Then I have to think about how those changes might effect others in my life. If I make a change for myself, will it make changes for others, that they do not want in their lives. All these questions with so many different outcomes made me want to keep doing what I am doing, and not make any changes in fear of what those changes might do to others in my life.

Oh it just made my head spin.  So what was I going to do?
How was I going to make changes without making everyone around me change too?


So for now I am looking at changing how I eat and focus on loosing the weight I have found i the past year and by making that change, I hope to increase my exercise as well.  By me feeling better about myself - will change my attitude and there for rub off on those around me.  

Maybe by being more active physically, I can be more active emotionally and give ore of myself to my community those in my community.  As many of you might already know I love to donate my time and I love to serve others, but when a body is at rest it tends to stay at rest and there for I can not give if I am not active.  Ahhhh the circle again! 

So here goes my start to a new year changes and no changes for me.

Oh yeah....HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU....thanks for reading.

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