October 12, 2011

Starting the scond round of Cub Scouting...

Two weeks ago we started our cub scout year and this year is different, because we are all cub scouts this year.  Our 9.5 year old is one of the oldest scouts in the Cub Scout Pack, he will cross over to boy scouts this year.  However our 6.5 year old is just starting scouts and has 5 school years of cub scouting.  So we are one very active family in this great program. 
Just this summer we all attended Cub Scout Camp one boy, day camp and the other boy, overnight camp.  Sure the camp was just five minutes away, but each boy got so much from camp and still talks about his own experience.  From BB gun's & archery, swimming & nature to the field games & camp crafts, they had a blast.  I was able to attend both camps with the boys and it was a great expeience as a family.  Simple fun with the little scout, with seeing plain joy when he shot the gun for the first time, so was cool.

But the best part was seeing our oldest grow and shine in his own light, while my husband and I were with him at camp.  The older scouts got to experience so much more then they do in day camp. Working with knots, boats, nature hikes, fire building, fishing, water games, archery & BB's, low wall climbing.  Plus staying overnight and havinf many different



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