September 11, 2011

Ten Years after 9/11

We all remember where we where on 9/11/01,I wrote about it in a log post two years ago (read it here ).  But what did you do this year? We as a family decided to sit and watch the history channel and talk about what happened that day, as a family. It was hard to watch the real time coverage especially since our oldest was not born yet on the day of these attacks. I was 6.5 months pregnant, due December 9th 2001. As we sat and watch, we all saw things we've never thought we would see, but parts were not edited out, to candy coat it. I think the hardest part to see was that of people jumping to their deaths from 1 World Trade Center, the first building to be attacked on 9/11/01. But harder to explain was who would do this to the US and that just because we killed the man who ordered these attacks, does not mean that this threat is over, or that the next person in charge is any better than him. These people are a part of a large group of people who really dislike everything our country stands for. Sure it was hard to explain, to our 9.5 year old, but in his life he has known nothing but war against these people and others throughout the world. That thought alone really grabbed me, to be born during a time of war and at this point ten years later, there really does'nt seem like they will know anything else. Today I pray to the Lord, to protect our country, our military, and all people who provide a service of protection on or off our soil. To protect their families and to watch over all our public officials as they make choices that affect us all. But Lord most of all I ask for love and protection of the children of our world, that their eyes & minds are opened up to an idea of peace. Remember today and remember those died 10 years ago and since to protect our country.

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