September 5, 2011

Storm Irene

So it's been over 65hrs since we lost power from tropical storm Irene. And as I am writing this I am pretty much done with not having full power, yes full power, meaning I have some power.  We own a generator and we have been running it for 3hrs and then off for 3hrs. Just enough to keep the freezer cold, refrigerator running, a shower once a day and today some laundry.
Sure it seems nice to have a generator but at $3.89+ a gallon for gas it is costing us lots of cash to keep the house running. It also comes with some issues of noise and having to wake up to either it on or off and pretty much knowing your pissing off the neighbors. It has not stopped us from using the gas guzzling machine and well at this point I'm happy we bought this a few yearsback. But this storm has offered up many other challenges for all of us in 2011 the last of computers, cable and some are even without their cell phones. But what does all this inconvenience mean to us? To some it is their lifeline to the outside world, to a world that they don't live bout feel they do live. Many lost their homes to flood water, downed trees or fires. We were lucky to have just lost power and To us it meant personal interaction and family time. Limited television and limited computer time. It was a quite five daysdays in total. Im glad it took our power but not glad this storm did so much damage through out the east coast. By taking the power our boys were given a chance to see how lucky they are to have all that they do. Im hoping this natural disaster made a long lasting impression on the boys, as Gloria did on my husband (in 1985).


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