September 9, 2011

List maker make me a list!

It's 5:30 am, and I write this I have been up since 2:30 am unable to sleep.  Some of it has to do with the fact that my husband is having issues sleeping, due to a chest cold and a smaller factor is the temp in the room is way to warm. But the third and main reason is because, I am a list maker.  Mainly lists in my head of things I need to accomplish, but they are just that "in my head".

I tend to have this habit of making non-paper lists for everything from chores to groceries.  What happens to these well thought out paperless lists? Well the ink fades and the items never existed, therefore the item on said list can never be accomplished or purchased. Then in turn I'm unable to be that "super mom". LOL

So this early am, I awoke and put my smart phone to use, by typing out all this things I need to accomplish (not just todays stuff but long term stuff). As I typed out this list I can see that many of these items have been on the "list" for a while and just kept on the back burner.  So ahead of me I have a big chore list.

Now that I've made the list I have to remind myself to check the list and do the things on the list.  Can I do it? Can I get those things done? I think I can, but as I made that list of family related chores, I realized that I need a second list of things to accomplish around the house.  So should these be separated or one big list? Do I make a list with sublists? Oh so many questions, do I make a list of questions on list making?  As im ending this post I am going to put together my grocery list for this weekend, know full well that I shop at three different stores, all with it's own list! Ugh!


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