August 6, 2011


So we are more than half done with summer.  And as a family we've done so many things, but I'm feeling like it has gone by too fast.  I'm sure all the moms out there agree with me, there is never enough time in the summer and yet there is way too much time!
But as the summer whines down, I'd like to reflect on what has been seen and done with our family.  We've been to upstate NY and to Maine and few state parks along the way. Crayfishing and a little night fishing too!  Working on things like the house and learning to ride a bike and my tan!. Hanging out with friends for a simple bbq is one of my favorite things to do!  Same with our Visits to the ocean and a lake or two, are always a nice site.  Many trips for ice cream and places in between. First time at cub scout day camp for the 6yo and our oldest is a repeat offender at overnight camp, his time will be served next week!
But as I write this the biggest thing we've done would be exchanging children for two weeks! Yeah two weeks! Last weekend I drove to upstate NY to bring our youngest closer to his first trip to Ohio. His first trip pretty much anywhere without us!  After meeting my brother at my parents house in the finger lakes region we swapped children! He took our 6yo and we took our 9yo nephew. A fun adventure for all. 
But As this week goes on (we're on day 3.5) I see how much our little man is missed and how much work two nine year old boys can be.  We know that our baby is in good hands and having fun, as is our nephew, but you cant replace a child with another. I plain old miss him.
So as the week draws to an end I remind's only for another week. I've got to be strong!

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