July 13, 2011

Another Day of Winning

A few weeks ago I won a Free weeks of parking at a local airport parking place, off of Facebook and thanks to a local radio station that I liked on FB.  I was surprised, and I am glad because it will come in handy when we take our next trip to Florida.  Thanks to WCCC (http://www.wccc.com) and Executive Valet Parking (http://www.executivevaletparking.com/)

But this weeks WIN was BIG (Y)!  Well more like from BIG Y, a grocery store that I shop at on a weekly basis if not more than once a week.  I love shopping there, and I love that I liked their page on facebook.  Because I like their facebook page, I noticed one morning a contest....

"oooo I like contests!!"
They asked for photos of peoples Silver Savings Card Summary to date...and I just happen to be able to find a receipt and took a fast photo. I am not sure if my photo was first to be posted on their facebook page, but a few weeks later, it was chosen. 
Which I thought was pretty cool!  I had no idea what I was about to win, and was asked to pick up a packet from my local store.  So one afternoon I traveled down with my youngest, and started the process of becoming one of the Finalists for drawing of $75,000 at the end of September.  But on top of that, I won a $75 gift card to Big Y and two tickets to the Big E! (http://www.thebige.com/fair/) ALL from BIG Y!   While at the store filling out all the paper work and getting a metal that I must wear during a parade at the BIG E...my little guy told me "mommy - this is the best day of our lives!" and for the minute it was for him.  For me I was excited with the prizes at hand and a chance at $75,000 or $7,500 or $750!  It would be cool.

Being the social media junkie that I am -I posted a photo of myself to the Big Y page, because they asked!  How fun was all of this?  It was great and so was the $75 worth of groceries we bought this past weekend.

Thank you Big Y....and no they did not ask me to blog about this, it is all my doing!

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