May 4, 2011

Planting a Garden

As a home owner I always wanted to plant a garden and three years ago we finally did!

Ever since then I have been hooked on making it the best gardens ever, well at least the best one for our family.  The last three years we have had someone come in and rototiller the land, and last year we expanded the size of the garden to twice its original size, next year I plan of doubling it again.  However this year I did choose to keep it at the size we have, with future plans of putting in a new fence and maybe a few raised beds.              

The Roberts Rock Farm garden has had a few good years of growth with growing from seeds only in the ground, but last year I was kind of disappointed.  What to do I asked myself?  Well I decided to start the seeds in the house with the help of two little boys. I hired someone to come in the rototill the land, and then I purchased a seed packets, soil, planters and set time aside to start the garden.  I had the help of both boys, one who did the minimum asked of him, and the littlest who wanted to plant more but I ran out of containers.  With their help we started over 300+ seeds.This year we started the following veggies ~ corn, pumpkins, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, radishes, green beans, green peppers and carrots. We are also doing watermelon too!  Ambitious? Maybe!  But many of these we have had lots of luck with in the past, just from seed, so I am hoping this year will bring more!

Below are some photos of the process so far. In just three days we started to see growth, which is super excitig not only for the boys but myself as well.  I will continue to post photos as the seeds grow and as we plant them in the ground, which I hope will be next week. 

Would you ever grow a garden?

Has your family ever grown a garden?

If so what have your grown? 

How did you do with what your grew?

Any gardening tips you would like to share?  I could use all the help I can get! Plus I would love to hear your success stories!

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