April 23, 2011

Easter Season or Candy Season?

Over the past week I have been reading many of my facebook friends statuses and tweets about Easter and Passover, and spending time with family.  Listing their plans, dinner ideas and many many many shopping trips to get basket fillers.  It all got me thinking about the true meaning of this season and how it is more important that Christmas, but is so much more about the "sale"!  Easter is a time to see the sacrifice that the Lord made for all of us, He gave us His one and only Son, His own flesh and blood, not in birth like Christmas but in death.  What a sacrifice, one I am sure not a parent today would ever be able to fathom.  But God did this for all his children, so we will be washed of sin each and everyday we wake up.

Has this not become a "Hallmark" or "walmart" holiday? Commericalism at it's best?  Very few places that sell "Easter" candy mention Christ, many places are still open on Easter, but I was thrilled to see that a regional grocery store has LARGE signs that they will be closed on Easter so their Employees can spend the Easter Holiday with their families!  WOW shocker...I was pleasantly surprised, because this am I went to a local mom and pop store, and they will be open. Ugh! 

So be it commercialism or silly spring traditions of German and Catholic combined, the Easter Bunny is here to stay.  What do we do as Christan parents?  Do we buy into it?  My husband does not like the "lies" we have told our children about Santa or the Easter bunny, he prefers otherwise, but lets me live out my childhood though the boys.  I do not want to rob these precious memories from the boys, but I am sure the next few years will bring questions and doubt.  My best efforts will be to keep the idea of Christ in the forefront of these two important holidays. 

On Good Friday I asked our boys what happened and to my delight they were about to tell me about the Crucifixion of Christ, and how on Easter he rose from the dead.  Wow - I am not sure I knew that at their young age, even growing up in a catholic church, but I was quizzed either.  I know that these are the basic stories from the Bible, and I am thrilled that they boys are absorbing so much from church and from what we teach in our home.

Yes I have bought into the commericalism of Easter, for now!  I loved it as a child and now I love seeing the delight in our boys eyes when they get their baskets on Easter morning.  When I was a child my parents always hid jelly beans around the house and my brother and I could hear them hiding them the night before, but on Easter morning we would hunt for them...and we did this till he moved out.  Well into college!  Did we know they were not left by a bunny?  YES, but it was all in good fun!  I guess the best we can do is to talk about the reason for the season, and the importance of all the events that surround Easter and Christ, but also all our boys to have a childhood with innocence too!

What do you do with your children? 
What did you do as a child?
What traditions do you carry through on Easter?

Interesting reading on the orgins of Easter - http://landscaping.about.com/cs/pests/a/easter_rabbit.htm

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Blogger Red Shoes said...

The commercialization of our Religious holidays are ok to an extent. I've NOT been a very happy camper that our Christmas break at the university where I teach is now our Winter Break... and we see less and less attention to detail as to our Christian-Judeo roots...

It has indeed become a grass roots struggle for the people of our country to keep these Holidays alive in their truest sense.

Happy Easter!


April 23, 2011 at 1:19 PM  

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