January 28, 2011

Tough Week

It has been a tough week and I am deeply seeking spiritual uplifting.

“For whatsoever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.” – Romans 15:4

Between not working out, being sick and many delays, early dismissals or a snow day, I have had a crappy week. I have blown the diet, because eating makes me feel better when I am sick, but I have get to gain any weight, but loosing was not an option this week.  I have read my bible reading each morning and feel as though I need more, but where does a working mother find more time to jump into the bible?
Maybe tomorrow (Saturday) I can sit and read for a while or  I can head to the gym, while the kids and hubby clear snow from our roof, and other areas of our yard, before the nest storm hits Tuesday.   I am getting pretty good a reading my verses while on the treadmill.  With earphones in listening to relaxing music and reading HIS word, I feel refreshed.  Here is to hoping I can get there!

I know I am not alone when it come to wanting to see spring arrive early, with the almost 3 feet of snow in less than 4 weeks I am pretty much finished.  Next week is groundhogs day and we in the NE are praying that he will predict an early spring.   SO here is to less snow and early spring, may the storms keep at bay as we get through two more months of winter.

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