April 29, 2010

Thinking Thursday! Dreaming

I was thinking....really I was!  I was thinking about Dreams.

Not just the dreams we have while we are sleeping, but the dreams we have for ourselves and for others around us.  We all have dreams, and we all start pretty early in our lives dreaming about things. Children dream to be famous, or to be a hero, dancers, Parents or pretty!

I used to dream I would be an art teacher and live in a big city like NYC.  That I would teach children all about the masters in Painting and take trips to the grand museums around the country.  But my dreams changed, and for many reasons, not just because I gave up the dream, but because my life branched off so many times, that is was next to impossible to come full circle to that orginal dream I had as a child.  Does this mean I gave up? NO! I still want to be that art teacher, but maybe in a different way to a different audience.

As a young girl I always dreamed about the house I would live in, how my children would look, how many pets and cars I would own, etc.  We are just born to dream about what we can have, but do we ever really dream about what we can DO! And now we can do it?

Do children dream about how they can change the world?

Do adults ever look back and dream about the impact they still can make in the life of others?

Maybe it is time to stop dreaming about stuff and start dreaming about being the best we can be by giving to others.  Give of our time, prayers, efforts and talents.  Dream a big Dream, dream of a world where all are equal, dream that one day children will not go to bed hungry.  Dream of a world where people are not aborting babies to make sure their dreams are not ruined. We all have to change dreams because of one bump in the road or another, but that should not change the dream, just alter it a bit till we can achive it.

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April 28, 2010

WAKE UP WEDNESDAY - Rambling addition....

Alright - I have already stated that I suck at Blogging!
Now I have to say that I really SUCK at blogging!  Well at least for the past few weeks.  But I have an excuse! Really I do! I have been thinking of all the great things I could write about, I have even started many of them  But my excuse is valid, I am not sick, I am not working too much, I am not trying to clean my house every second of the day (even though I should), the laundry is done and dinner is pretty much made everyday on time, and not too late for the kidlets! So what is my excuse?
~ I just do not feel like writting!
Plain and Simple (thanks Honda)

Really I do have so many ideas in my head, but when it comes to writting them down I just feel blah about it and decide not to! But today I am making an effort to write, to truly sit here and write about my WAKE UP moment this week, but it was hard to choose which one to use.  So I will use the most recent one -

Tonight our youngest Lost his first tooth - it was awesome, because we have been eyeing that tooth for well over a week now and I have tried to pull it numerous times, only causing pain and one really pissed off child. So we let it go, well all but big brother, he just wont let something drop!  Asking over and over again about the tooth...driving us all mad!

But tonight was one of those jump on the couch nights, and wham - out came the tooth!  YES!!

So tonight he gets Cash! That is what he asked for so that is what the tooth fairy will leave!
As much as I need a wake up call - this one is a great one that tells me that my boys are growing up and soon they will not be having new experiences like this ever again!  It will all be old hat for them and for me!

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April 23, 2010

its like CRACK!

These silly games on MYFACE are killing me!
Really they are Like CRACK!!
I am not really one to have more then a few drinks in a month, I do not smoke and I live a pretty low key life in general, but there is one thing I am addicted to and it is those games on MYFACE (facebook/myspace combined).  I was playing Farmville for the longest time, till I could no longer log onto it, so I found another one called Country Life! 

I find myself gardening till the wee hours of the night! I start to feel bad if my crops go unattended for more than 24hours.  I wake up at night worring that my farm animals are fed! Ok not really but sometimes I really think that I have a problem.  The problem is like all these adult men who play video games at all hours, but the games I play are less then reality! I am never going to own a farm, cow or ketsup maker!  In general there is not much about this game that is close to real for me, it has just become a way to escape for a while, and do some mindless computing!

But like I said it does become like a drug that you can not quit, and you are always waiting for the next fix!  if you do not play I suggest you DONT!

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April 20, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - I suck at this....

Alright I admit it - I suck at blogging!!!
I have so many great ideas and I love to write, but in general I suck at blogging! I had this great plan to write every day and I even named each day except saturday and sunday....but as it stands I can not even write five days in a row let alone seven. 
How do they do it, how do these women juggle it all?
I have a hard time keeping the house clean (cause clutter is just who I am)...I have a though time making sure everyone is clothed and sent to school with what they need each day! So here I am trying to write another entry and bounce bounce bounce in comes the five year old kidlet....

so maybe later I will write the rest of my entry about my Path with the Lord!.....
till then I have to serve the children!

ALSO if you read to this point could you leave a comment or check of of those silly boxes so I know you were here?  Thanks! :(

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April 19, 2010

Monday WHY Monday?

Sitting here watching our 5 year old move about the playground as we wait for his brother to arrive back from his first day of vacation arts camp, I reflect!

I want to look back at the past four years since I worked in Corporate Non-Profit! It is amazing how much has changed since Mothers Day weekend 2006, and good (I mean GREAT) changes!

As with anything we look back and ask what would I change, if anything? Well I would have changed very little, because as I reflect I see how each stone of the path was placed before me by God! I can even retrace every step! Well at least I think I can.

-it mainly started a year after I suddenly became a stay at home mom, alone all day with a 16 month old, not knowing anyone in my town at was about 30 miles from where I worked and grew up! I needed some sort of support system or I was going to loose it. The library was getting pretty old pretty quick!! But the library is where I met Sonya, well it was the playground! She told me about a Moms Club and how it was a group of stay at home mothers who gathered for play groups, nights out, and what not! Well she did not have to tell me twice, I wanted in!

So the next business meeting I made sure I was there to sign up and get to know some of these mothers!

And I was amazed! What a great group of women and fun children, I really enjoyed being a part of this group and loved that they also gave to the community, it was fun. So for about two years I was apart of this club and really got to make some great friends! Tomorrow the next step of my path!

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April 13, 2010

I saw this challange on another bloggers blog in Feb and I challenged myself to write 100 things you never knew you wanted to know about me!

I Jennifer…

1. am 36 years old as of April 13th

2. am 5′ 5″.

3. naturally brunette hair that I love to grow long in the summer!

4. Color my hair to suit my fancy

5. have hazel green eyes
6. I am adopted

7. one of my nick names is Jro(mamma) given to me by a co worker while pregnant with our first child (at a time when JLo was popular)

8. am a Christian and Love the Lord Jesus.

9. have been married for just over 10 years

10. have 2 beautiful, (growing) boys!

11. born outside Detroit Michigan

12. have lived in 5 states! Michigan (2X) Illinois, New York, Connecticut(2X) and Rhode Island
13. have visited Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Italy, Greece, England.

14. want to visit Egypt, Africa, and Australia…to name a few

15. have been in and survived house floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards.

17. have a favorite color, it’s red.

18. love to wear black, red and jeans.


20. love to get pedicures!

21. have 2nd generation HORRIBLE fingernails (and this has sadly carried on down to my daughter) and so I keep acrylics.

22. had 7 teeth pulled to get braces growing up (5th grade). I threw a FIT and bit the nurse when she tried to put a needle in my arm. They finally had to give me Valium and put me ‘under’ to pull them.

23. had to be put under again for my 4 wisdom teeth to be pulled my Junior year.

24. fainted trying to give blood my Senior year on my birthday {for Dessert Storm}. They had only pricked my finger!

25. had BOTH of my children naturally with no drugs or epidural!!…my Mother still can’t believe it! I guess I grew out of my needle/pain phobia!

26. love to decorate, organize and CLEAN out!

27. Love to go to yard sales with my Dh and Thrift stores with Ladybug!

28. am a shop until you drop kinda girl!

29. love ♥ anything chocolate! Especially dark chocolate with nuts!

30. love Pumpkin pie, ALL THINGS pumpkin really.

31. FAVORITE American holiday is Thanksgiving! I usually get to spend it with my family in Florida or them with us. My Favorite Biblical Holiday is Passover!

32. love that we take a Thanksgiving day picture every year since Ladybug was born, on the couch of wherever we are! I have made a special album of these pictures! You can see the kids growth, my hair styles change and Eric’s disappear! (lol!)

33. stopped watching T.V. 10 years ago {2000}! I have not regretted it. Through the years I have seen bits here and there (at family’s homes when visiting)…it’s nice to see that I made the right choice and am not missing anything!

34. Love movies though. That’s why we still own 2 T.V.’s in our home. We use them for movies, bible videos and school. * Streaming Netflix now on our Blue-ray, YEAH!

35. favorite movies of all time are Pride and Prejudice (BBC’s 6 hour version), Ever After and now Mamma Mia!

36. Love to read. Only Christian fiction and non. Mostly Historical Fiction.

37. favorite author is Lori Wick, though she doesn’t write fast enough for me, so I wander around to others {especially Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers and Terri Blackstock}.

38. favorite book of ALL time is….The Princess by LW, and a VERY close second is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

39. grew up a KJV only girl. But Eric bought me a NASB to read to the kids during school and to use for Bible study with them. I tend to pick it up for myself now too.

40. don’t necessarily love to cook, do it because I have to feed my family.

41. do love to bake and make desserts though!

42. have had a terrible fear of spiders all my life, but as I have gotten older they no longer bother me as bad.

43. own a 2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Daisy. She has Big ears, a BIG heart and NO Tail! So CUTE!

44. have 4 cameras, 5 lenses and a camcorder! I am a photographer, I have to have my tools! {This in NO way includes my collection of antique cameras either!}

45. love scrapbooking and stamping. Though I must confess, I am behind in scrapbooking! (YIKES! That’s not normal for me!)

46. know how to crochet, knit, cross stitch and embroider. Don’t enjoy doing any of them!

47. like to sew and quilt. Rotary cut/Machine quilt!

48. have always loved to draw, though don’t do it much.

49. love ♥ photoshop and would love to learn more of the graphic design part of it one day.

50. in my life so far I have won:

Most friends brought to VBS in 4th grade. (Got to throw a pie in the visiting evangelists face!)

Most Girl Scout cookies sold, one year in my troop. (Won 5 Silver Dollars, a stuffed animal and a t-shirt.)

A drawing contest for the whole elementary school, I was in the 6th grade. (Won a pencil sharpener of the liberty bell!)

Won “best smile” in 8th grade. (In the yearbook.)

Brought the most people in one night to youth group. (All expense paid Ski Trip my Senior year)

On Mission Magazines “Picture This” Photography contest 2006. {4th article down} (Won $100.00! and was published!)

Spouse of the Year 2006, 3 times! 1. for the 338th USAF Recruiting Squadron. 2. USAF Group-Regional Spouse of the Year. 3. USAF Auxiliary (local) Group. (An engraved clock, flowers & a coin, Picture frame/clock and an acrylic plaque, flowers and a coin!) My Dh wrote my nomination for these awards….so sweet!

51. am a schedule person. LOVE my iPhone and iCal, would be lost with out them!

52. have a split personality when it comes to cleaning up…at times I can let it go for a little while and then, EVERYTHING has to be clean: NOW!

53. have a few pet peeves: unnecessary noises, people who TALK too much (just to hear themselves talk!) and people who don’t use their turn signals!

54. love back and feet massages….though you have to be careful I am EXTREMELY ticklish!

55. love looking at my sleeping children.

56. love spending time with all my 11 nephews and 2 nieces!

57. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ♥ to travel. Don’t mind car but LOVE airplanes!

58. LOVE ♥ History. Biblical, Ancients, Middle Ages and Victorian eras….okay, okay I know that covers just about ALL of it! hee hee!

59. like to go to museums.

60. my favorite artist is Claude Monet. I love his Water Lilies Series but especially the Japenese Foot bridge. I have been able to see lots of his works in person!

61. would like one day to learn to paint.

62. have been told I don’t have the gift of mercy/compassion, but I think they were WRONG!

63. do have the spiritual gift of teaching. I love to teach.

64. was a Sunday School teacher to 3 and under at our church plant a few years ago!(*Our church plant closed it’s doors on 8-31-08)

65. am a very patient person, but not with my own family. The Lord is working on that!

66. right now in my spiritual life I am being taught to love more affectionately and to be thankful. Learning to speak my Family members Love Language too!

67. have a lot of favorite verses of scripture, but since I was a girl my life verse as been- “I will hide thy word in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.” Psalm 119:11

68. have shared my faith, testimony and the gospel with lots of people. Have you? I am a discipler by nature, not a knock on doors, share my faith type person, though I have done this before. I like to build a relationship with the person and to continue it after they are saved. See the change and growth, it’s so awesome to see God work in people’s lives!

69. am a Pastor’s wife. This is weird for me, when I am introduced as that, I almost turn around and look for who they are talking about!

70. am still friends with and talk to the little girl I babysat when I was 9 and she was 3! Which is a big deal for someone one who has moved her whole life!

71. have 3 brothers. I grew up with 2 and we found out about the other in Oct. 2005! We love him like he has always been apart of the family. He is British and lives in England. God is so awesome!

72. am related to Pocahontas by marriage! She married John Rolfe (not SMITH) and had a daughter. Their daughter married into my family line. So, she is my 250th removed Great Aunt by marriage! J/K…I don’t know how many far back she is, but she’s back there!

73. come from a line of King and Queens of Canterbury, Wales, UK. So can call me Princess if you like! Our family (Maiden last name) is one that came over from England and who paid for the colony of Virgina to be established. (My parents both have a hobby of Genealogy!) I also am related to Thomas Jefferson!

74. LOVE Chinese food could eat it ever day!

75. like my pizza plain cheese, please!

76. don’t LIKE salad but will eat it.

77. LOVE ♥ all things seafood, especially shrimp, crab legs and clam strips! YUM!

78. love the library…could live there if I had to!

79. have worn Merle Norman products since I was 13! It’s a tradition in my family. You go at 13 to get a facial and buy cleansing products. Then at 16 you go again and get make-up!

80. am a NIGHT OWL. Big time! I have to MAKE myself go to bed…or I could stay up all night! This comes from my Portuguese great grandmother, my grandmother, my Dad and not only me, but 2 of my brothers suffer from the same problem! Ladybug is right there with us too! I get most of my work/stuff done after everyone is in bed! I can THINK, because it’s QUIET!

81. don’t drink coffee, never have and hope I never will, YUCK!!

82. LOVE music, of all kinds. I have listened to at one time or another all genres (except the kill your mother, eat your grandma, kind of music- you KNOW what I’m talking about!), but Contemporary Christian is my Favorite. Casting Crowns has been my ALL time favorite since their first album came out and they haven’t disappointed me yet! Big Daddy Weave is next! I have had the pleasure of seeing them both in person.

83. don’t play any instruments. I took piano for 3 months one place I lived but my piano teacher moved and I gave up! I know enough with that and helping my kids, and in Choir my whole life that I can get by with reading music. BUT my DREAM is to be able to play the Cello one day! Maybe in heaven’s orchestra!

84. have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles, I’m trying to stop but can’t help it!

85. have always been very outgoing and love crowds. Lately that is changing and I am being more of a home body! Really strange!?

86. drive a 2004 Mazda MPV that I LOVE!!! Did I say I LOVE my Van because I do! It is actually my 2nd one! It’s a van and the back seat folds down, the side door windows roll down and it’s on a car chassis so it doesn’t drive like a truck, like most vans. AND it’s ALMOST PAID for!!!

87. was paid to sing at funeral once! It was horrible! I thought I could handle it, because it was my friends Grandma and I didn’t know her. I sang 3 songs….and lost it on the last one! It was so sad to see all the love and grief mixed together.

88. want “It is Well With My Soul” sang at my funeral. And I want the GOSPEL PREACHED! Then let the PARTY begin because I am with JESUS!

89. love to get and give gift cards! I know some people think they are impersonal….but I love them because not only do you get (or give) the card as a gift but THEN you get to go shopping and get something you really want! So, it’s like getting 2 gifts almost!

90. don’t drink, anything but WATER. IF I have a soda once in a blue moon it’s Sprite. Will drink OJ with breakfast once in while too, but rare.

91. love ice cream. Favorite flavor is Vanilla Storm (has chocolate covered peanuts in it!), but settle for Cookies and Cream most of the time.

92. like the beach, LOVE the mountains.

93. love cutting hair, hate perms and don’t do color! (what kind of cosmetologist am I ?)

94. love photography. Love catching the light and laughter in people. LOVE Maternity & Newborn sessions.

95. don’t LIKE to speak in front of people especially with a microphone, but will if I HAVE to.

96. love doing expressive worship (signing to music) rather than singing.

97. love my TRUE friends ♥, though I have only a few.

98. love getting letters and cards in the MAIL! REAL snail mail. I know it’s old fashion but I still love it!

99. played baseball for 2 years on a pony league ,was suppose to be co-ed, but most of the other girls always ended up dropping out. I ended up being first baseman on an all boy teams, playing against all boys!! It was hilarious. My team mates would make me put my ponytail up in my hat and head out to first base….then after I got the runner out and they saw that I was girl (and yell it really loud to their dug out) . My team would crack up! But when I was up to bat was always a different story! I was hit many times by the ball as the pitcher would get nervous pitching to a girl! My Mom finally had enough of the bruises and made me quit. I went back to playing softball later, but it’s just not the same!

100. would have loved to adopt 2 more children. Dh and I had been wanting to for a long time and even were in 3 situations the ended up not working out. Not God’s will, and I am okay with that too!

Now you know more than you probably ever cared to know about me! ~Blessings

Birthday number 36!

Yes I turned a year older, we all do!  But this year I turned 36 - to some of you that is older and to some that is youngerm but the great thing is to me - there is no change.  I still feel like I am 30 years old, and love life to the fullest.

My day started with a great hand written note from 8yo and a colored box by 5yo (all on their own)

(mom chill out on your speshel day. Happy birthday!!! from Trevor)

Then - some shopping without kids and a cup of coffee in hand! Those of you with children totally understand this! It was great.  Then we came home unloaded the goods, and took a long walk around our property.  We were making plans for the next few months of what to do with the yard. 

Then a quick clean up and off to Home Depot and Lunch. 
Later then planned but it was all good.  Lunch was great!  it was at our favorite place The Willimantic Brew Pub / Main Street Cafe http://www.willibrew.com/ 

A View of my favorite place from my office! It is like a big tease! But our lunch was Quite and tasty! 
I got the Windham Village (06280)- Corned beef, onion, cole slaw and Swiss chese toasted to perfection with our mustard horseradish sauce. Served on Rye. It was awesome!   Even got desert!  Yummmm

Click this link for some great photos of my birthday - a day off with the hubby!


In all it was a great day filled with my boys and time to relax!

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April 7, 2010


LICE - Need I say more?
Well sure I will say more!
I always do say more...last wednesday
I got to work and we were about to sit
and pray for the center, clients, and our
 volunteers, and I get a voice mail.  School Nurse?! 
So I call her back and come to find out MY KIDS HAVE LICE?????????????? UGH  - gives me the hebbie jebbies! 
And makes me ich too!

The photos here are the boys a week before the whole head lice thing, and let me tell you I was NOT about to pick through their hair!  So I went and picked them both up from school and drove home.  As I did I explained that I would have to shave their heads!  That is just what I DID!

I  cut their hair right off! With no hair and $40 bottles of hair shampoo, it did the trick! 
I did however get some in my hair!
No I did not shave my head!
Even though the boys wanted me too!  LOL

I did however have a pile of laundry from here to the moon!  I am only used to laundry from here to Florida, but this was everything in the house that was not nailed to the floor!  Beds, towels, pillows, rugs....and that which I could not wash or heat up in the dryer, went to large plastic bags for two weeks!!!  Stuffed animails, pillows, sweaters.....All of it!

I do not recomend HEAD LICE unless you want to have a great deal of spring cleaning on your hands.  I cleaned and cleaned for days....wiped down every surface and vacumed things I never thought I would vacume.  Is it over?  YES!  Even though my kids keep getting checked at school, everything someone has an itch, they pull my kids out of class before anyone else.

This has opened my eyes to much, and I have much to rant about! But that will be another blog post!

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