March 31, 2010

WIPA'S Story - Thailand - Redeemed Series

March 31st, 2010 by Kristi Stephens

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Gillian Ferwerda of Women at Risk, International will be sharing amazing posts with us during the Redeemed series– I pray you will join us and be changed through it!

Wipa’s Story


Wipa’s family: a deceased mother, a monk father, one older sister, and a young daughter. When her older sister was diagnosed with cancer, it was Wipa’s job to provide for her family’s food as well as her sister’s treatments. There were no jobs and no source of income in her home town.

She traveled to the city, looking for jobs. She found a job as a waitress but to her horror was soon forced to engage in prostitution. She hated it and despised herself—but compromised, desperate ... (story continues)
READ MORE HERE at Kristi Stephens Website

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March 30, 2010

Making things Pretty - Naam's Story Part of REDEEMED

Don’t miss out on the Pearls of Hope pendant/chain giveaway from Women at Risk!

Gillian Ferwerda of Women at Risk, International will be sharing amazing posts with us during the Redeemed series– I pray you will join us and be changed through it!

Naam’s Story

Naam escaped from sexual slavery and came to the safe house—but she could not escape her past. She hated herself and her life.  She believed she was not pretty and that she did not have a pretty life—nothing about her was pretty. Consequently, she cut herself. Yet, she remained at the safe house, holding on to what hope there was for a better life, employed at the safe house, sewing purses and iPod cases.

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March 29, 2010

ESCAPE March 29th, 2010 by Kristi Stephens

Don’t miss out on the Pearls of Hope pendant/chain giveaway from Women at Risk!

Gillian Ferwerda of Women at Risk, International will be sharing amazing posts with us during the Redeemed series– I pray you will join us and be changed through it!

Outreach in Thailand

The safe house staff hit the street for another night of outreach. Walking into the bars, they purchase a drink with the women trapped there, buying time with her.

Time of peace, time with someone who actually listens to her instead of uses her. They tell the woman that there is a safe place for her with job training and education. She can escape to another life with hope and a future. Yet, many are too afraid to leave, trapped by fear and lies.

Traffickers have organized and purposeful techniques to keep their victims physically and mentally chained to beds of horror. Some victims are in debt bondage, demanded to pay back their ticket to the city where they supposedly were to find a good job. 

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March 27, 2010

SAFE - Chirawan’s Story - More from Kristi Stephens series REDEEMED

Maria Blume writes about Sex-tations in asia - sick sick stuff going on in this world. 
Read her article here =


Chirawan’s Story


Future—it is a word that Chirawan does not take for granted. She won’t dwell on what could have been—she was brought to the orphanage by a kind relative and rescued from all kinds of potential horror stories.

She knows that many girls from Thailand’s northern hills, where she grew up, are sold into sexual slavery. Now, instead of being brought to the city as a slave, she is going with a promising future. A recent graduate from high school, she is excited to be a full time student at the University!

A safe home

In mountainous northern Thailand, 110 girls, ages 4-23, find a home, a shelter from potential exploitation and trafficking.

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March 25, 2010

Deng’s Story - Thailand - REDEEMED SERIES

Gillian Ferwerda of Women at Risk, International will be sharing amazing posts with us during the Redeemed series– I pray you will join us and be changed through it!

Deng’s Story

Deng had lost it all—her business, her husband, everything. She only had her son left—and a deep debt from a failed business.

She was lost, unable to start a new business, with no other recourse. Desperate to care for her young son, she finally found a job in a bar in a large city in Thailand, which quickly spiraled into exploitation.

Life continued to cascade out of control as she lost hope. She despaired of life and prepared to lose even that by her own hand. A timely phone call from a safe house staff, telling her that God loved her, saved her life. 


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March 24, 2010

WAKE UP PEOPLE - What Creeps Around ~ *America"

What Creeps Around ~  March 24th, 2010 by Kristi Stephens
Slavery does not just happen overseas. Human trafficking creeps around in America—in broad daylight, as “nice” men, “friendly” strangers, and sometimes as parents. It increasingly affects girls from safe, middle class families; although runaway, throwaway, and homeless youth are most at risk.

United States

Melanie now knows it’s a common technique used by traffickers at local malls to entice young girls. The man showered compliments on her, flaunted his money, and gave her his undivided attention. They eventually exchanged phone numbers, and Melanie and a friend met up with him and some of his buddies.  Continued  ...


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March 23, 2010


LETS WAKE UP PEOPLE  - PLEASE READ THIS POST on Kristi Stephen's Blog  part of Ellie’s Story ~ Thailand by Gillian Ferwerda of Women at Risk, International

"..... Child Trafficking ~ Baby trafficking is the newest face of trafficking. Younger and younger children are being trafficked, robbing the cradle, as well as the joy and wonder of childhood. Today, the global age of entry into forced prostitution is 12. Infants are sold for organs or worse, and young, young girls are imprisoned in the dark hallways of the red light district. There is a myth that the younger the girl, the less likely it is that the buyer will get AIDS.[1]

Consider: 75,000 Filipino children were on the streets in 1998, forced into prostitution according to one report. 3,266 Filipino children become victims of exploitation each year.[2]

1.2 million children are trafficked internationally each year; as many as 2 million children are currently subjected to prostitution in the global commercial sex trade.[3]"

......TO READ MORE PLEASE CLICK HERE as this article is continued at

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March 22, 2010

Monday Guest Post - EMPTY PROMISES

March 22nd, 2010 by Kristi Stephens

Gillian Ferwerda of Women at Risk, International will be sharing amazing posts with us during the Redeemed series – I pray you will join us and be changed through it!

Aapti’s Story
Nepal : Aapti grew up in a small Nepali village. Life was hard, but they managed. She helped her mother make alu roti, the Nepalese bread and fetch water from the well.

She knew her family was poor, but then the drought struck. There were days when they had nothing to eat… She remembers the hollow of her stomach echoed the hollow in her mother’s eyes. Her baby brother was always crying, but then he became too weak to cry.

A woman came to their village, richly dressed in a yellow sari. She was the only colorful thing in their wind-blown village.

She told Aapti that she was beautiful, and Aapti blushed. She said that Aapti could find a job in a city, taking care of a rich person’s children. Then she could send money back home. “And my baby brother would not die?” Yes, her baby brother would not die. Aapti could even buy a colorful sari like hers, the woman said.

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March 20, 2010

I'm A Hot Mom are you? Week Three

I vow to take my mom time everyday so I can take care of myself and become a better me — for myself, and my love ones.

Alright this week I am not as hot as I wanna be - I have been sick, the kids sick, and in general UGh!

But my week ended with a nice treat in the mail - MY "MAJOR AWARD" and no it was not a leg lamp!!

But I did win a great tee shirt from

Two really great web sites.    Not only did I win but I got a really nice end to my week, comon who does not like to get packages in the mail?

Yes this is me!!? Notice the laundry in the background??????

I love my shirt and will take photos of my in it where ever we travel!
So this week do something for you because you are a hot mom!


March 19, 2010


We all make list of what is important to do today - but do we ever sit down and write a list of the important things in life?

I was thinking on the way to work, of all the things I need to get done today at work, and do when i get home from work, someof those things I need to do between work and home, too many lists over lapping for me.  So I started to really think about the big list and what was really important to accomplish before I pass away.  Morbid sure, but think of all the things we could do with and teach our children before we die.

Here are three main ones I want my boys to learn from me:

1. Always respect your family (be it your brother, mother, wife or your own children) Respect them they way you want respect for yourself.

2. Learn to read the Bible.  Something I did not learn early enough, but I am trying now.

3. Self Love not Self Loathing.  It will get you far and further then anything else.

What would you tell your children? What do you want to accomplish before you can't?

Also another post by Kristi Stephens on her series check it out because it is important to know what is really going on in the world:

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March 18, 2010


-Kristi Stephens from will be jumping in on my blog for a few weeks and she will be bringing some stories, facts and testimony on a very unknown topic - read below for her introduction and please visit her site often during the next few weeks - Thank You for visiting my blog and THANK YOU Kristi for bringing this to all of us.

I have an odd defense mechanism with things that make me uncomfortable - I go to sleep!

When on long car trips through the mountains with no exits in sight, or stuck in a traffic jam in a tunnel, and we start to run low on gas, I lean my seat back and sleep (when NP is driving, of course!) I figure that if we are going to run out of gas, it will happen whether I am awake and anxious or asleep and blissfully unaware - most likely we'll be fine, so I might as well avoid the stress and sleep!

There are a lot of horrifying and evil things in this world that I would rather not think about. I find myself metaphorically sleeping in my seat to avoid anxiety.

Human trafficking is one of those issues I would rather not think about.

Chew on these stats - read them out loud if it will help them sink in.
100,000 girls, ages 9-19, are trafficked in commercial sexual exploitation in the U.S.
3,000 children are forced into commercial sexual exploitation at any given time, just in San Francisco.
1.2 million children are trafficked internationally each year
As many as 4 million women and girls are bought and sold worldwide every year.


I'm guessing most of us are like me - we'd rather close our eyes, stay blissfully unaware. We figure it's going to happen whether we know about it or not, so we might as well ignore it.

It's time to wake up, friends. There are things we can do.

The more I learn about human trafficking, the more it vividly illustrates for me my state as a former slave, redeemed from the bondage of sin. Christ paid the price with His own blood to redeem my life from the pit - the least I can do in return is to tell others about the freedom available through my Savior. And as a former slave, redeemed by a God who loves justice and mercy, I feel compelled to do all I can to secure freedom for the millions of physical slaves in this sin-marred world.

I humbly ask you to join me on this journey. For the next two weeks- the weeks before we commemorate the blood-price paid for our freedom - it is my honor to host Gillian Ferdwerda from Women at Risk, International here on Gillian will be sharing amazing stories, horrifying statistics... and hope. Women at Risk, also known as WAR, is on the front lines - helping to find, rescue, love women and children who have been sold, abused, betrayed, forgotten. There are so many ways we can help.

So please be sure to read this amazing series. Visit Women at Risk, International's website. Learn all you can about trafficking. Tell your friends. Post links on facebook, twitter, or your blog. Please help spread the word - wake us from our slumber.

If you are a blogger and would like to help, please grab this button for your blog - the more who hear, the better.

BWS tips button 
Code: BWS tips button

Let's proclaim freedom for the captives in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Any support you can give through the 2-week series - linking from twitter, facebook, your blog, etc.

If you have personal experience dealing with the issue of human trafficking or if you simply want to share what you're learning/ thinking about, it would be awesome if you posted "response" posts on your blogs - I would love to link them to the main page of the redeemed series!

PRAYER. There have already been some things that have caused me to think that this series is really going to be spiritual warfare. Please pray for God's name to be glorified, for God's people to be moved to action, and that some might even understand the nature of our slavery to sin and the freedom offered in Christ for the first time.

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Thinking Thurday Change?

Once had someone tell me to be happy with others in your life you must be happy with your self first! Obvious right? Well with the way the world rolls these days it has become increasingly hard for people to stay happy with themselves! Between media influences and other parts of our society, our selves have gotten more self aware.

So how do we stay focused on being US if our society wants us to be someone else? It is not easy to do and even harder to teach our selves to focus on being "me". To be you YOU must change! WHAT? ? Change the way you think about yourself this is so important!

Over the past few weeks I have been considering the changes I need to make in myself to become a better person. By striving to be a better person, changes will happen both in me and in those around me.  So how do I do this?  Well I need to change what I think about myself and others, I need to be more open about how others are acting toward me or toward others.  I need to be more aware of what is going on in my world as well as the world of others around me.  To be a better person I need to be a better listener and less of a talker.  There needs to be changes made to MAKE Changes in my life.
If I change things I do not like about myself, then I can be happier with myself and there for spread the joy of my self happiness.  We always try to teach our children to treat others the way you want to be treated, and the same goes for adults, we need to make a change in the way we act toward others before  we can expect changes in others.  So my goal this week is to make changes in myself before expecting others to be a certain way.


March 17, 2010

Wake up wednesday - needing to wake up

This morning I was dreaming - I can not remember of what because I was woken up by the smile of my 5 year old who wanted to climb into bed with me.  I know that it was not the first time this morning that I was woken up because each day I snooze about 10 times before climbing out of bed. 

Not by an alarm clock, but mainly by one of my three boys talking to me in some manner like I would respond in a way that would provide an answer that was well thought out.  Ha!

So today I start my morning with the memory of a snuggle.

How did you start your day?


March 16, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - Sickness

to be HONEST - I AM SICK OF BEING SICK.  Someone said to me today "wow you've been sick for a while now!" YEAH I HAVE!  WAY tooooo long.  From this stupid sinus thing and then on to the stomach thing.  If not me then it is the kidlets.  One of us is sick everyday....this is getting old.

Between the stomach thing this weekend for the kidlets and now the threat of strep throat!  UGH I can not take anymore, really when is this going to end?

I want to work, I love my job and I love what I do there, I want to be more productive and if I get sick again I can not do it! So to be honest I WANT TO STOP BEING SICK! So I was thruthful today - sickness sucks and I am hoping to kill all the germs in this house with a big lysol can and lots of bleach!

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March 15, 2010

What to do with all those great drawings your children make you....

About five years ago I was surrounded by piles of paper!

Not just any paper but papers that were scribbled on by our then 3 year old - they were works of ART! 
Ok ok all in the eyes of the beholder - but to me they were the most presious things in the world (beyond my child).  So here is the problem came up what to do with all those great scribbles, water colors, glued peices of paper?  Well dawn the age of the ditigal camera, I decided to take a photo of each work of art, and them weed through them.  I would hang those that were seasonal and adorable and the others would be recycled!
Then every three months or so I would do it again and hang new art work.  The kids love this because they get to see their art work on the walls for a while.  Some has stayed for months while others have been taken down after a few weeks.
When you have racked up a few folders of photos on your computer it is time to save, and do this often so you do not loose these amazing works of art.  If you have two or more children, you can do what I do, which is to save their work in two different folders on the computer and then you can make two different disks, this way it is easy to find in the future.  You can get creative by taking a photo of your child next to the art work on the wall, this way they can look back and see what they looked like when they made it.

Here are some examples of last months purge of art work. 

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March 13, 2010


I vow to take my mom time everyday so I can take care of myself and become a better me — for myself, and my love ones.

I am working on the "I'm A Hot Mom Challenge" by taking time for myself!
Making sure I breath!
Making sure I read more.
Excersice More.
And in general take a few "me" minutes each day during the week.

This week I did just that again, I took time in the car to listen to the radio with the Music I like
I then took a day and shurt off the radio on the way home from work.
I enjoied the few minutes I have between work and the boys coming home from school, by reading or playing a game of cards, but no matter what I spend time ON me FOR me.

Last week I won the weekly prize from  check them out pretty cool stuff!

Fitness Family, Young And Fabulous, Mom Cafe, Mom Time, Mom Care, Mom Tips, My Hot Mom, hot moms club


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March 10, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday! Sometimes you have to stop....

and smell the Roses!  Or at least just stop and have a little fun... and that was my plan today.  I had called my sister in law who lives 35 minutes away and asked if we could come for a visit after school.  Knowing that my guys and her girls had finished testing today it would be an ok break mid week, and we did go.  But I did not tell my guys - instead I shipped them off to school as I always do, and then called the school later in the day and told them I would be picking them up! 

It is always a nice surprise for them to be picked up and not have to take the bus home, even though we all love the bus driver!  So there I was waiting for them when the end of the day came and they were thrilled.  Then I told them where we were headed and they were even happier. 

We had a great time and the boys really loved seeing all four of their girl cousins.  They even were happy to share in a meal and some great imaginary play.  So after bouncing on the trampoline, swinging from a tire swing, the chickens being fed, sticky faces, dirty hands and a shinner, the boys were tuckered and so was I!

Sometimes you need to change it up, WAKE UP and smell the roses, coffee or whatever else will wake you up out of your comma of routine.

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March 8, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

To be honest I have been reflecting on the past 10 years here on the FARM!  The Roberts Rock Farm that is!

It was over ten yeas ago that we stumbled upon this place we now call home. A young couple of kids using the very slow internet to research homes that were in our price range, we had stars in our eyes. So we kinda forced our realator to take us to see this house, it was not one of her listings or in her area. And neither one of us had even heard of the town the house was in either, but we ventured forward.

When we first looked at the place we drove by during the day then came back at night to walk through~ the house was old and bare of furniture, but we saw potential.  Within days we made an offer and by the end of January 2000 we moved in!

Right away we understood what home ownership meant, and still having stars in our eyes, we gave ourselves a few years to fix it up! And man did this 225 year old cape need fixing up! Within a year a new roof, some new windows and a baby on the way! More windows, paint, wood, drywall, appliances, plumbing and so much more, before baby number 2 on the way!

Well 10 years later we are still fixing up this old home and making it ours! Our 3 acres offers us so much from our pond, apple trees, peach trees, stone walls and rich soil for a great garden, raspberries and blueberries! There is even mint and rhubarb scattered about the property. We love this place and are glad we can raise our boys here! Thanks for following me and my stories of The Roberts Rock Farm!

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March 7, 2010

Sunday Hikes

This is what we try and do on the weekends. This was a great hike a few weeks ago when there was still snow on the ground.


March 6, 2010

I'm A Hot Mom ! Are you......

Fitness Family, Young And Fabulous, Mom Cafe, Mom Time, Mom Care, Mom Tips, My Hot Mom, hot moms club
I'm A Hot Mom ! Are you......And I am not talking Hot Flashes (YET)

I vow to take my mom time everyday so I can take care of myself and become a better me — for myself, and my love ones.

And this week I have...

I have sat reading a book by the fire with a pumpkin chai tea!  Yummy
I crocheted two hats this week! (more to come)
I have worked on my photoblog
I took the long route home so I could have extra mee minutes!
I cranked the music in MY car on the way home from work.
I slept in because my 8year old was good enough to make breakfast for he and his brother.

(that's a lot of I's which = mee minutes)
But I am really going to spend more mee time by adding a work out routine, with the spring weather arriving I am really feeling the need to be awake with the sun (and not the SONS).  So next week I will be adding more mee minutes by using my stationary bike or the wii fit MORE!  And as I do I will be tweeting and bloggin about it, maybe not all at the same time but soon after.

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March 5, 2010

Focus on Friday - "WHAT"S IN THAT BAG?"

You've seen her, that woman with a bag the size of a mini-cooper or Smart car over her shoulder! The woman who is not currently traveling with carry on luggage, but is carrying it as if she could hop a flight at any moment!
Most of the time she will have a large bag or backpack over one shoulder and a baby on the opposite hip, to balance it out. She is a mother, and as a mother (especially of a child under 3) you are required by law (I think) to own a bag that could hold enough supplies for a small army. But as a none mother most might ask "what's in that bag?"

As a mother I have learned that carrying a bag of such size is a rite of passage, some what of an initiation fee of sorts! The more weight, or the more items you can stuff into the bag, the more props you will receive from other parents. I say parents because over the years since our first child, these diaper bags have become more like carry on luggage that most married couples register for and hope to receive for the honeymoons. As I was writting this I looked up diaper bags on my blackberry and there were 100's of sites to purchase said bags, and prices as high as $395 for ONE bag!! OMy. That much for a bag that will hold dirty clothes, old bottles, binkes and more? WoW

That opens up the question of "what you got in that bag?" As our children grow so does the list of items in the bag, it also changes with the number of children you have and their ages. So many variables it is so hard to make a list of items. But I will try and would love for you to share what is in your diaper bag!

Diapers, wipes, spare clothes for baby and for mommy
Bottles or breast pads if nursing
Snacks (for baby and mommy)
Changing pad
Cell phone
Paper, photo book

The next items are age dependent: bibs, snacks, juice cup, books crayons, blankets and so much more I can could go on and on, but I wont.  Please tell me what you carry in your bag?!

Makes me think of this song but if you are not a fan of Rap Music do not click!

Roll Out Lyrics



March 2, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - More Rest Needed!

So last week I wrote about rest, and I did the complete opposite this past weekend. I had great cause to not follow my own lead! It was our 2nd kidlet's 5th birthday, so we made a plan to go to an indoor waterpark about an hour and a 1/2 away from home. We had a great time as a family and got to eat out and stay up late! We even had people over for dinner, after attending church, in all it was great and our kidlet really had a good birthday! But now, because I did not head my own advise, I am sick!

Again who takes care of mommy when she is under the weather? NO ONE ~ ie yesterday, I came home from work, waited for the boys to come home, prepped dinner, and let them chill with the TV for a while, I sat on my bed and that was it, I was out like a light! case in point no one cares for mommies when they are sick.

When my hubby came home he too was under the weather and all four of us were in bed asleep before 9pm.

sleep does help but so does rest, they are pretty close to being the same thing, but they are wildly different beasts! So now I sleep to get some rest.

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