December 17, 2010

I guess it is the season....right

Sunday we heard a great message at church about Joy and how it is so hard to find JOY this time of year.  This sure is true and the point was made that many loose sight of the "Joy" they still can have in their lives, even when everything else seems to have pushed the joy aside.  

As Christians we must try hard to find JOY in a season that can cause us so much stress and bring on depression.  We  must stay focused on that one thing that can bring us JOY!  Be it the Lord, our children, employment, or even simple memories of days past there is something to focus on.

I guess as I looked back at this week I have had a hard time finding JOY in my life, there was even a point where I wanted to fold up the Christmas tree (like the Grinch does in the movie) and throw it out the window!  I had it with all the planning, parties to go, concerts, cooking cleaning, wrapping etc!  I just want it to be simple!  So this week I tried and really hard too, but finding joy was not as easy as I thought it might be.  So again I head into the weekend (the one before Christmas) and I will be trying even harder to find JOY!

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