November 18, 2010

Stressing out MOM....

Yeah - we as mothers stress out!  We see the world though the eyes of a planner.  A daily planner of each child and each person in the household.  We look at things as if we are trying to figure out how it will fit on the calendar, how much time will it take to get there, stay and return, and what else could I / we be doing at the same time.  Then it is a matter of whether or not the new item on the planner is really needed or if we can put it off for a week, or pass on it completely.

Yesterday I had to make the choice on when to schedule a doctors appointment for the 8 year old based on the actions of the 5 year old during the current appointment.  So now in my head I have to rearrange my day, to accommodate the 8 year old (who did nothing wrong) and so the 5 year old could stay at school, during the appointment!  UGH

I thought my personal handheld daily planner (crackberry) would be helping me with thing, but I can not seem to find a program on my crackberry that works for my work schedule, home (2 kids and Hubby as well) along with reminders and well anything else I would like it to do for me.  Anyone know of a program?
While on FB the other day one gal wrote how she would like to have Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons in her home, but I am sure even Rosies Robot head would spin with the amount of technology that we are all encountering these day. 

As a mom, wife and holder of a more than part-time position (in two different locations) i have tried the paper planner (lost it more than once), I have tried sticky notes, my phone planner, an online planner I could access from any computer and my phone, the wall calendar, so much more....nothing works!

For now I will stick with the crackberry (unless someone has a better planner) and the use of my own mind, which at this point is failing me more and more each day.  I already lost the piece of paper with the appointment date and time for my sons next Dr. visit, so I guess I will have to call them in the morning and wait three days for a call back!

Oh the joys of parenting.

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