November 16, 2010

Looking forward

As of this morning I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and to all the amazing things that will arrive before the first of the year. As a mom I am looking forward to some fun decorating time with our boys.

I am a big crafter and they still have not out grown the idea that crafts are fun, and till they do I will continue to come up with idea.  Either last year or the one before that we made these great place mats, one for everyone who would be at Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a big undertaking, but the boys loved doing it.

I am not sure what we will do this year, maybe napkin rings, place cards, a few centerpieces. Who knows, but when I do I will share. But before that, I am interested in writing down our traditions so each boy can reflect when he has a family. Writing down what foods are unique to our feast, prayers we say, who attends, who had attended before passing away. Who's house did we celebrate at, and where we would visit during the holidays.

These are important memories to write down, keep so other members of our family can see how or even if things changed from now to many years from how.

So over the next few months I will try and highlight many of our traditions and would love to hear from you about your family routines!
~ jennifer


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