October 13, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday

We did so much this past weekend, and made much progress around the house.
Started by making Pizza Friday night and watching a kids flick.  after that we watched Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp and I have to say that it was well over rated, infact I do not think I will let me kids ever watch it!

Saturday we took out the airconditioners, screens, picked up a ton of pellets, and then put them away.
We cleaned up the yard, and all the recycling, and through it all the boys were great!  Which is rare in it's self.
We went for a hike, had ice cream, visited UConn Cornucopia Fest, cleaned up my craft room, and found a beautiful room was hiding under all the crap.  By Tuesday am the room was amazing and clean, after filling a recycling bin the size of a small car, and same with a garbage can, we made some progress.

But after a four day weekend home with the family, I think I am done.

Being sick does not help either.  I am spent!  I have been sick for three weeks now and finally I have a somewhat answer from the doctor, Pneumonia! Really?
So here I am still working and still up and about, but most people ask why?  or say "Go home and rest!" Ha! I say HA to them in their faces, because when can a mother of two boys, with a job, REST? WHEN?
Never!  Even though my husband is great, there is little time to truly rest!

So to them I say I will rest when the Lord asks me to rest, and until then, I will get the work of the day done.

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