October 24, 2010

ACT - Being called to act

Today I was invited through work to be a part of a ministry fair at a church that considers my work one of their many missions.  Which it can claim us as a mission to go to and serve the Lord and to serve His people, through us.  What a gift I was given to be able to attend this church and to be able to attend while my husband so kindly stayed at home with our boys, whom I was planning on having them attend with me.  But in all it was a great day filled with energy and education on missions both in our community and in our world.

Though my church I had learned about Care Net and therefore started to volunteer there once or twice a week, with my 3.5 year old in tow.  We loved serving the Lord in such a simple way (for us) but to others it would have been a stretch to volunteer four plus hours a week, especially with a little one with you the whole time.  But we did and I am glad I did because almost two years later I am working for an amazing mission and I am able to share with others what the Lord is asking us to do, SPREAD THE GOSPEL to those who do not have Him in their lives,and to help save the unborn in that process.

Today's Missions Fair was great and the sermon was as well.  Pastor Mike Moran, drove it home with humor and examples of how we can ask God to lead us where He wants us to go.  Be in locally or globally, there is a calling for us all, and that hit home with me, I was there almost two years ago hearing the same thing.  I hope today, the Lord called more to come and help at our two centers, and I pray that the Lord opened the eyes of those who already know us, and that they call us and ask how they can help.  I await the day where people are knocking down our doors to help, break down the walls and excuses and join our ministry / mission as we try and save unborn babies!

Care to join me!? 

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