August 30, 2010

Summer in review

Thinking Tuesday

From start to finish this summer has been jammed packed with so much, even the kids heads are spinning. And I'm not talking Exceroist/pea soup spinning!! Ok, maybe!

For this post I really had to look back and review all the things we did this summer. Things like Vacation bible school, parks, ice cream, petting farm, pizza friday nights, library runs, and hanging out with friends.

But then there was time at local state park beach, a small town car show and catching frogs in our pond. Time spend at grandparents lake house and many local playgrounds.

We did now things like learning to ride a two wheeler for the first time, first time at overnight cub scout camp and spending the whole summer with the boys grandmother, as she was a quick fix as a summer sitter. She did many things with the boys, from museums, carousel rides, beach trips, ice cream runs,


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