August 30, 2010

Monday WHY Monday?

Wow its been weeks since I last blogged, and for some strange reason, I am not remembering why I stopped!

Oh that's right, I have been focusing on enjoying the last few weeks of the boys summer vacation! WOW it goes by so fast!  It seems like just yesterday, I was holding a little one in my arms, while waving to my first born, through a window of the school bus, as he left my grasp and went off to kindergarten. That was 2006, just four years ago!

Four short years and now I'm going to wave good bye to another kindergartner, but this one will be different! This guy rode the bus all last year to preschool at the same school. Our oldest never rode a bus to school before!

This year is different because he knows most of his classmates & he is one of the oldest. While our first born was the youngest in his class and knew no one going into kindergarten.

It's just so different from oldest to the youngest, even for me! I am not scared, nervous or plain old protective of my little man getting to school on the first day. This time we know the drill, we know the players, we just have this down to a science. Things are different but with that there are things that are nice to have done the same from year too year!

Each school year we've had the same driver, and she calls me when she is leaving (cuz she's my neighbor) this way they are outside waiting for the bus! Each year I know how much lunch costs, who the teachers are, I know what to pack on the first day, I know where to make them stand under the tree in our front yard for the cheesy first day photo.

I know how long it takes to get to school, so I (and every parent in town) can meet them at school for the opening day ceremony. Ringing of the bell, flag raising, pledge and welcome. It is all so much fun!

I am nervous, excited, scared and over joyed that the school year has started!

So today I ask, Monday Why Monday? As in why do you have to start school on a Monday?
I will post photos tomorrow!

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