July 6, 2010

Thinking Tuesday - Man it's Hot outside!

Really the title has nothing to do with Truthful Tuesday; I just wanted to say that!

This past week has been a busy one with the heat, prep for a mini vacation and travel to upstate to see my parents and brother's family.  In all the week is now over and we are in the third full week of summer vacation. The boys are having a blast, and I am very glad that they are! To be honest I am also very happy that we are able to have my mother in law watch the kids. She is awesome and they are enjoying the time they have.

Honestly this time together will never be made up in any form through out their lives. Children need their grandparents! As a child I remember the few times we traveled to see my grandparents or my grandmother. We always had a great time and I still cherish those memories to this day. As I got older we saw my Grandmother (my Mom's Mother) more often and I learned so much from her, knitting and crocheting were two things I know now because of her! My Grandfather (my Dad's Father) visited us often once I was in junior high school. When he came to visit we always had adventures and new experiences, ones I will never forget.

This past week alone our boys had new experiences like hiking at Fillmore Glen in upstate New York, watching fireworks from a boat on one of the Finger Lakes and got to ride in a kayak. All things they have never done before!

Each visit and each day with their grandparents is a new memory, and to be honest, memories they will never forget and want their own children to have with us!

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