July 19, 2010

Monday WHY Monday?

Why Monday!
I ask this pretty much every week, but never really get an answer.  I guess it will arrive when I really need it too!

Monday is a tough day, a day off the weekend.  A day where I clean and clean, pick up from the weekend and basiclly press the RESET Button on our home.  But wouldn't it be great if life had a RESET button for many things, besides the computer?  This type of button would be awesome.  But It would be dangerous as well.  I could use it to start over each day all new and clean in the house, and in my life. Then I think of how my boys would use such a button, and I kringe!

As a Christian I know we have a button of sorts, it is the Word of God and the blood of Christ.  This blood has been shed for us so each day we are washed away of our sins and start anew.  So in many ways I have a reset button I just have to look to it! 

So each Monday I clean the house, and each day I look to my reset button to guide me in my week ahead!

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