July 29, 2010

Chinatown - Food and Street Walkers. - Thinking THursday

This week our family took a short (2 day) trip to NYC! We were excited to show our boys (8&5) the CITY! All the fun sites, attractions, sounds, smells and history of the Big Apple. For me this was going to offer many new experiences as well, like my first trip to The Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Battery Park. Plus the opportunity to pay our respects at The World Trade Centers and "Ground Zero". This is a trip I will never forget and I hope our boys will always remember their first trip to NYC.

But todays post is not about the city or even about Ground Zero, maybe tomorrow! I want to write about what I saw in Chinatown and how I felt walking in Chinatown. But let me preface this post, by telling you that over the past year I have felt in my heart to read and do more about Human Trafficking and the Human Slave Trade. Two events set this off in me, one was the preview of the movie "Taken" while at a work seminar and the other was hearing from local city police that there was trafficing happening in the small new england city that our new crisis pregnancy center was opening. These two allowed the Lord to open my eyes and start doing more research and focus on this tragedy.

So back to NYC, and the streets of Chinatown. As we were seeking a simple place to eat with a bit of an experience, we walked around Chinatown taking in all the culture and differences between our simple rural living verse the city life. I started to look deeper into the edges of the streets and noticed Asian women standing up against buildings clutching larger hand bags. They were wearing short tight skirts, short tops and lots on makeup, that made them look almost like porcelain dolls, including the total lack of expression. Then I was struck with the realization that there was a man and woman on the corner with mobil to mobil calling one of these doll like girls, out of the shadows to the corner where they were talking to a business man.

I thought to myself did I really just see that? We kept walking and finally sat down with our buffet dinner. As we were sitting eating a man and woman came in, he showed her the buffet and paid for her, said "I had a good time" then left while she stayed to eat. She was a Robust woman who looked beat tired and used, she just made wonder if she was a "street walker"?

This whole hour of time made me really stop and pray I was wrong, even though I fear, I'm not. This is a major issue in the world be it in big cities or smaller urban areas, this idea of human trafficking and slave trade being right in our back door, is not so unreal  I am asking the Lord to place on my heart what I need to do to inform others, to change what is happening and how to educate myself so I can educate others on this massive issue. 

check out these sites



This is REAL and Scary stuff!

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Blogger Mary said...

Hey Jen,
The Human Trafficking is so scary...After seeing "Taken" it opened my eyes to this for the first time...It was one of the most informative movies...Everyone would learn by seeing it...
Great photo of Chinatown!

How are you my friend? Are you on Facebook?


September 21, 2010 at 6:51 PM  

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