July 8, 2010

Being a mom - It's pretty hard!

Being a mom is a hard job!

Being a mom of two boys harder!

Now let's add a great part time job on top of that, that's right even harder.  In today's world we as moms have so much to accomplish and so much to live up to, that we forget the basics of life. Things like raising our children with a faith base that they will use later in life!

I am trying and sometimes I think I have failed, but then there are situations that allow me to see that what I do has an impact on our boys both now and in the future. You might ask, "How can that be? " How can I see into the future?

Well I see that my husband was brought up with good Christian values and because of it, this week he made a choice not to sell a car to someone because when he drove it again there was an issue that was not there last week.  He took one of his vacation days to fix this and might have for fitted the deal of selling a car, that needs to be sold.  He shows me that in the future what we teach our kids now will have an impact on life choices later on.  So what I do now as a mother, wife and child of God will have long lasting effects on our boys!

This weeks lesson was two fold, one it was about using game cheats to win more coins on a computer game and the second lesson was being able to tame our tongues.  Two very important lessons for them to learn early on.  One lesson was handed down from us and the other from my mother in law, who does not tolerate swearing, and neither do we.  So this is going to be a challanging couple of years, as we try to raise these boys with values and make them men of God!

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Blogger Tammy P. said...

I heard on a tweetchat last night that "life's not taught, it's caught". Namely, we need to show the kiddos how to live, rather than saying one thing & doing another. These choices today will bear a great harvest. Good post.


July 8, 2010 at 7:21 PM  

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