June 30, 2010

Wednesday - Wake up Wednesday - Photo Blog

Here is a link to my photo blog - monday I posted about making crayons by using old bits and peices.
This is a great project to do with the kids and then they get to use the "new" crayons later!


Step 1: save bits and peices of broken crayons
Step 2: remove paper wrappers
Step 3: Prepare a sauce pan of water shallow enough to put a glass container with opening bigger than the bottom (i used pyrex cups)
Step 4: have child place many different peices in the bottom of the glass
Step 5: boil water and place the glass container in the pan, makeing sure water does not go over the sides
Step 6: wait for wax to melt and remove the glass from the pan, and place on counter for 5 minutes till cool enough to touch
Step 7: Place in fridge for 15 minutes
Step 8: once cooled place towel on counter, tap glass bottom up until wax comes out of container
Step 9: Color on paper!!!!

If you do not want to boil water, an old ice cube tray works well in the mircowave but take a bit more time and at 45 sec intervals.

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Blogger Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great tutorial.

June 30, 2010 at 12:42 PM  

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